Jaipur Rugs Unveils Hand-Tufted Carpet Collection with Tatiana Ojjeh
Jaipur Rugs collaborates with Tatiana Ojjeh for an exclusive carpet collection.
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Mahmoud Darwish
Arab Idols: Mahmoud Darwish
Remembering Mahmoud Darwish, a true icon in Arabic history.
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Shangri-La Hotels Joins Forces with UNISOAP UAE in Soap Recycling Initiative
Prominent hotel chain Shangri-La collaborates with UNISOAP UAE in new sustainbility initiative
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Top Books Film
KHAMSA Edit: Top 5 books- turned-films you need to look out for
KHAMSA brings you the hottest book-to-screen adaptations that are not to be missed out!
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Colour Calls: Lavender
KHAMSA's latest exploration delves into the serene and enchanting world of lavender.
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Dior launches collaboration with Les Deux Nuits
Dior and Les Deux Nuits bring to the Dubai Opera a fine cultural collaboration.
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KHAMSA Edit: Arab films to watch out for at Cannes
Arab movies at Cannes this year are all worth the wait.
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Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta supports Dia Art Foundation’s Spring Benefit
Dia Art Foundation's Spring Benefit takes place with the gracious support of Bottega Veneta.
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Jaeger-LeCoultre Brings ‘The Precision Pioneer’ to Dubai
Swiss Watchmaking visionary Jaeger-LeCoultre brings an iconic exhibition to Dubai
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Roumouz: Domes and Their Defining Design
Unravelling all there is to know about domes.
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Cannes film festival
Cannes Film Festival 2024: Everything you need to know
All you need to know about the 2024 Cannes Film Festival.
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Born in Oasi Zegna
‘Born in Oasi Zegna’ pays tribute to Zegna’s principles
Born in Oasi Zegna is a book by luxury leisurewear brand Zegna.
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Art Hotel
Art Hotel: The Stay Warehouse
The Stay Warehouse Hotel in Alaçatı, Turkey is for art lovers
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Camel Milk Arab Beauty Secrets
Arab Beauty Secrets: Camel Milk
KHAMSA uncovers the secrets of Camel Milk in the realm of Arab beauty.
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Aya Haidar
Creative Talks: Aya Haidar’s Artistic Conversations
KHAMSA sits down with Aya Haidar and quizzes her on all things art.
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Lost in Translation: Yaane
It's everywhere, yaane, you know what I mean?
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Habibi Love: Unveiling Love in Arabic Poetry with Noah Mukadem
KHAMSA and Noah Mukadem pick out the romantic in Arabic poetry.
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Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent unveils films for Cannes Film Festival
Saint Laurent reveals the films for the 77th Cannes Film Festival.
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Haifaa al-mansour
Arab Idols: Haifaa Al-Mansour
Haifaa al-Mansour, a symbol of excellence and determination.
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Beyond Emerging Artists: Abu Dhabi's Showcase at Venice Biennale 2024
Beyond Emerging Artists: Abu Dhabi’s Showcase at Venice Biennale 2024
Abu Dhabi Art's "Beyond Emerging Artists" is a showcase of the best.
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Milan Design week
KHAMSA EDIT: Milan Design Week Updates
Milan Design Week was a great platform for some stellar creations.
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Dune: Inspired by the Arab World?
Dune's Arabic references galore.
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AI Art Review: Guernica
KHAMSA uses AI to analyse Picasso's Guernica
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Gucci Ancora: A New Wave for Italian Design 
Gucci Ancora or the essence of "Italianity"in Design.
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Khamsa Edit: Coffee Table Books You Should Check Out
A selection of unique coffee table books.
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KHAMSA Edit: 5 things to look out for at Milan Design Week 2024
KHAMSA tells you what to look out for at the Milan Design Week.
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TikTok Partners with NGOs Under #TikTokForGood
TikTok Partners with NGOs Under #TikTokForGood To Give Back To Communities Across MENA
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What Non-Arabs ask Arabs
Arabs living abroad are no strangers to the comedic barrage of questions launched their way by non-Arab friends.
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XVA Hotel
Art Hotel: XVA Hotel Dubai
XVA Art Hotel is a time-travel experience.
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Lost In Translation: Bass
In various contexts, this word can have different meanings.
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LOEWE Hosts Crafted World Exhibition
Loewe opens Crafted World exhibition in Shanghai.
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KHAMSA Edit: 5 Books to Read
KHAMSA curates a special book list for all reading occasions and moods.
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Alserkal Avenue
KHAMSA Edit: 5 Perfect Post-Iftar things to do at Alserkal Avenue
KHAMSA explores the things to do after Iftar at Alserkal Avenue.
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Hermès Completes 14th Edition of Saut Hermès
The Saut Hermès assembled the world's best horse riders.
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MAC Layali ramadan Abu Dhbai
Abu Dhabi Retail’s Layali Ramadan Showcases MAC Cosmetics Pop-Up
Abu Dhabi's Layali Ramadan showcases MAC Cosmetics' pop-up experience.
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Arab Idols: Sherihan
Sherihan - an icon that continues to shape us.
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When I Close My Eyes, I See Shangri-la
AI Art Review: When I Close My Eyes, I See Shangri-la
KHAMSA uses AI to analyse 'When I Close My Eyes, I See Shangri-la'
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Arab Films
The best Arab films to pick up or rewatch.
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Art Dubai kicks off its 17th edition this March.
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Jaipur Rugs
Jaipur Rugs x DESIGNEAST collection showcases creative collaboration
Jaipur Rugs and DESIGNEAST foster creativity across multiple avenues.
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Badia Masabni
Badia Masabni, a symbol of her art.
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KHAMSA Discover: Top Places To Check Off Your Saudi Arabia List
Five top picks for your Saudi Arabia to-do list.
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Chiaroscuro Unveils a Fusion of Art and Design at ICD Brookfield Place
Chiaroscuro at ICD Brookfield Place Arts in Dubai presents a curated collection of works.
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KHAMSA Edit: 10 Must-See News Highlights!
KHAMSA brings to you all the news you need to know.
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Books and Magazines
KHAMSA Edit: Arab Culture books and magazines recommendations
Here are the books and magazines KHAMSA recommends for some lovely reading sessions.
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Lost in Translation: Sahtein
The significance of a word presumed to be rooted in culinary origins.
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Creative Talks: Sara Shakeel’s Sparkle
KHAMSA speaks to Sara Shakeel about her incredible world.
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New York Fashion Week
5 things we loved about New York Fashion Week: KHAMSA Edit
KHAMSA's favourite bits from an exciting New York Fashion Week.
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Love Languages
KHAMSA looks at Arab culture's take on the love languages.
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Khawla Art Gallery presents an exhibition of the visionaries of tomorrow.
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Roumouz: Courtyards and Modern Oasis Design
Exploring the various intriguing traits of courtyards and oases.
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Dubai Fashion Week
5 things we loved about Dubai Fashion Week: KHAMSA Edit
The KHAMSA highlights from the Dubai Fashion Week.
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The Lana
The Lana, a landmark of unparalleled luxury.
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Jubail Island hosts returning Art of Living program
Jubail Island launches its inaugural public art programme.
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Design Space AlUla
Design Trends: Design Space AlUla’s permanent Gallery to open in February
Design Space AlUla promises to be a sensational exhibition.
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Gulf for Good
Noble Adventure: Gulf For Good changes lives through challenges
Gulf for Good aims to help the underprivileged through adventure.
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Cultural Care: AlUla launches ‘I Care’ campaign with David Popa
AlUla's latest campaign 'I Care' campaign to protect their history in Arabia.
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Fashion Reads: Hermès unveils new edition of Le Monde d’Hermès magazine
Hermès' vibrant magazine arrives in Abu Dhabi.
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Ras Al Khaimah Art 2024 Festival
Ras Al Khaimah Art 2024 Festival set to kick off in style
The Ras Al Khaimah Art 2024 Festival is all set to enthrall.
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Nadine Labaki
Arab Idols: Lebanese Sensation Nadine Labaki
Nadine Labaki, the Lebanese woman of cinema.
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Starry Night
AI Art Review: The Starry Night
KHAMSA's latest feature sees us use AI to analyse paintings, this time The Starry Night.
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Quoz Arts Fest
Quoz Arts Fest 2024 returns to Alserkal Avenue
Quoz Arts Fest, Dubai’s highly anticipated arts and culture festival, is back!
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Kawtar Ouh
Creative Talks: Immortalizing Rifian Culture with Kawtar Ouh
KHAMSA interviews photographer Kawtar Ouh.
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KHAMSA Discover: Must-Experience Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List
The most exciting festivals to visit and be a part of.
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Silence Palette
The Artistic Expression: The Silence Palette
Unveiling the Artistic Resonance of Silence and Symbols.
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Style Launch: Zegna unveils FW24 collection in Milan
Zegna's stunning FW24 collection is a surreal evolutionary experience.
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Neo-Culture Chronicles: BRED Abu Dhabi
BRED Abu Dhabi is a cultural celebration.
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Qatar events
Khamsa Edit: Qatar events to look forward to in 2024
Some of the most exciting events happening in Qatar this year.
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The State of Mind Palestine
The State of Mind Palestine: Q&A with Nour Jarrar
KHAMSA meets Nour Jarrar, author of 'The State of Mind Palestine'.
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Fondation Cartier
Art Novelty: Fondation Cartier and Bijoy Jain present ‘Breath of an Architect’
The art exhibition symbolizes a sensory relationship with nature. From December 9, 2023, to April 21, 2024, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presents ‘Breath of an Architect’, an exhibition…
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Lost in Translation: Wasta
Nepotism's Middle Eastern cousin.
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PREVIEW: Cultural Care: AlUla launches ‘I Care’ campaign with David Popa
AlUla's latest campaign 'I Care' campaign to protect their history in Arabia.
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Hirafen: Q&A with art curator Ludovic Delalande
KHAMSA chats with Ludovic Delalande, one of the curators of 'Hirafen'
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The Impact of Social Expectations on Mental Health: Setting Boundaries this Festive Season
A time of connection, reflection, and joy - with healthy boundaries.
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Positive Empowerment
Transform Your New Year: Top 5 Books for Positive Empowerment
The best books to bring in some positive empowerment in 2024!
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Ana Arabia
Women’s Stage: Ana Arabia’s fourth edition begins in Riyadh
Ana Arabia returns to showcase the best from local talents.
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Eva Jospin
Embroidered Art: Eva Jospin presents Chambre de soie at the Palace of Versailles
Eva Jospin presents 'Chambre de soie' for their latest art exhibition.
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Lost in Translation: Abelik
Another month, another word to tackle.
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Zayed Exhibit for Rare Watches
Timed Rarity: Zayed Exhibit for Rare Watches
The Zayed Exhibit features the rarest and most prized watches.
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Soho House Mumbai
Art Hotel: Soho House Mumbai
Soho House Mumbai is one of Mumbai's best hotels for art enthusiasts.
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Saudi Arabian Events
Eventful Winters: Top 5 Saudi Arabian Events Happening This Season
The five Saudi Arabian events you need to attend before the turn of the year.
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Roumouz: Let’s Unpack Zellige
In the latest KHAMSA series titled 'Roumouz', we explore the wonders of zellige.
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Cherished Reads: Alaïa partners with Rare Books Paris
Alaïa collaborates with Rare Books Paris to deliver sought-after pieces to London and Paris.
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National Day Long Weekend
KHAMSA Discover: Cultural Events during the Long Weekend
Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the UAE this long weekend!
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Red Sea International Film Festival
Reel-life: Red Sea International Film Festival to spotlight the best in cinema
Red Sea International Film Festival returns bigger than ever.
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Burberry x Highgrove: Royal Gardens Inspire New Scarf Collection
Burberry's latest collection takes inspiration from some royal gardens.
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Seeing Things
Creative Talks: Monira Al Qadiri’s Artsy Visuals
KHAMSA chats with the talented visual artist, Monira Al Qadiri
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Artistic Heritage: Cartier kicks off their Islamic Art exhibition
Cartier's art exhibition is an Islamic Art showcase.
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The Fife Arms Hotel
Art Hotel: The Fife Arms, Scotland
Art is abundant at The Fife Arms Hotel
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Lost in Translation: Na’eeman
A series where we break down the Arabic language most untranslatable words.
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On This Land
Exploring Gaza’s Essence: On This Land Exhibition
On This Land is an avenue for enriched dialogue.
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Manar Abu Dhabi
Lit Up: Manar Abu Dhabi opens light art exhibition to the public
Manar Abu Dhabi will display some radiant light artwork.
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Dubai Watch Week
Dubai Watch Week 2023: What to Expect
This is what Dubai Watch Week 2023 has to offer.
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November Events
Mark The Dates: The Best November Events Happening In The UAE
Events worth checking out this November.
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Library Café
Top Library Cafés in Dubai for an enriching reading experience
Ideal for writers, readers, and creators! If you love books, the time you spend reading your favourite one can be either a delightful experience or a frustrating one; not because…
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Dubai Design Week
Dubai Design Week To Showcase The Industry’s Best Ideas
The Dubai Design Week kicks off in November.
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Explore some gems of destinations at KHAMSA Discover.
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Arabic Poetry
KHAMSA Originals: The Precious Heritage of Arabic Poetry
Exploring the history of Arabic poetry
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Art d'Egypte
Everything you need to know about Art D’Egypte 2023 
Art d'Egypte enters its third year.
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Ali Kiblawi
Creative Talks: Where Ideas Meet Expression with Ali Kiblawi
Ali Kiblawi, one of the artistic directors at Highsnobiety sat with us.
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