25hours Hotel One Central is set to host the second edition of Dubai’s most sought-after open deck night for record collectors and selectors. The event is organized in collaboration with @VinylSoukDXB and aims to promote analogue music and culture within the city. The 25hours Nomad Courtyard will welcome everyone on May 20 for a nostalgic stroll through vinyl and cassette tapes.

From 5 PM onwards, the event will kick off with an impressive lineup of local vinyl collectors and renowned selectors, including Martin Yambao, Eoin Carrigan, and DJ Shock. The night will also feature a special appearance by Greek music legend Dimitri Papaioannou at the Analogue Circus.

Analogue Circus promises to mesmerize guests as they immerse themselves in analogue music formats. Participants are encouraged to bring vinyl and cassettes for swapping, creating an interactive and engaging environment that connects collectors and enthusiasts. As the sun sets, 25hours’ Monkey Bar will host a special afterparty with DJs Dimitri Papaioannou and Megadon Betamax taking the stage with eclectic mixes and beats.

Join the curators, collectors, and music enthusiasts at 25hours Hotel One Central’s open deck night on May 20, 2023. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

Photography Credit: Martin Ong Yamba

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