The new campaign aims to preserve Arabian heritage.

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), the cultural custodian of northwest Arabia, has officially launched the ‘I Care’ campaign, a new initiative aimed at celebrating, protecting, and promoting the diverse cultural heritage and history of AlUla in northwest Arabia. This campaign, inaugurated on February 1, shines a local, national, and global spotlight on the importance of RCU’s diverse and ongoing heritage protection projects in AlUla as the county continues to be developed into the world’s largest living museum.

Source: AlUla

In a groundbreaking collaboration with internationally renowned artist David Popa, the RCU has unveiled a unique ‘vanishing artwork’ designed to symbolize the urgent need to protect iconic monuments. The artwork, featuring two protective hands embracing the Tomb of Lihyan, Son of Kuza – Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site at Hegra, serves as a profound metaphor for the campaign’s central message of cultural conservation advocated by the ‘I Care’ campaign.

Crafted using an impressive and ephemeral piece of creativity constructed using exclusively natural elements, it is one of Popa’s largest to date. Designed to disintegrate in a matter of weeks, Popa’s artwork highlights the pressing need for collective action to preserve cultural heritage locations in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, and globally.

Source: AlUla

The collaboration with David Popa showcases the I Care campaign’s ambition to carefully protect and cherish places of great historical and cultural significance, resonating deeply with the community and global heritage experts, emphasizing the importance of preserving the unique cultural tapestry.

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