Soho House Mumbai

Discover this artistic cove in the Mumbai urban jungle.

Soho House Mumbai is an 11-storey townhouse located on the pristine Juhu Beach in the metropolitan city. Inspired by the city’s creative heritage and culture, it boasts an eclectic blend of luxurious amenities, including stylish restaurants, sophisticated bars, cosy lounges, and versatile event spaces. What sets Soho House Mumbai apart is its commitment to fostering artistic expression and connection. The space serves as a dynamic hub for creatives, featuring curated art installations, exhibitions, and a design aesthetic that inspires innovation. With its distinct focus on cultivating a vibrant community, Soho House Mumbai provides a unique and inspiring haven for individuals in the creative industries, making it a sought-after destination where art and culture seamlessly intertwine.

١. The History of Soho House Mumbai

Source: Soho House

Soho House’s founder, Nick Jones, has envisioned a members-only club for creative professionals. He stuck to the same philosophy for the Mumbai hotel, but it took a bit of good fortune to choose the location. According to Jones, his team spent many months scouting places like New Delhi and Jaipur looking for craftspeople who would contribute to the House. When Jumbo Hotels, Soho’s local partner, showed him the building nestled within the Juhu Beach, it was perfection.

Soho House Mumbai is the chain’s first entry in Asia, which makes it a grand location in the Eastern hemisphere. Their approach was to make sure it came with local cultural motifs for a relatively relaxed aesthetic, but with the subtle art of modernity weaved into it.

٢. The Soho Way of Art

Soho House Mumbai is a haven of Indian art that pays homage to the rich culture of the country. The art collection consists of more than 200 artworks, out of which almost 85% are crafted by artists based in India or of Indian descent.

Highlights include a wall-based sculpture by Subodh Gupta, a bindi painting by Bharti Kher, a series of four works by the artistic duo Thukral and Tagra, two pieces by Raqib Shaw, photography by Pushpamala N, new media work by Raqs Media Collective, and sculptures by Sunoj D and Sakshi Gupta. In addition to this local art exhibition, the hotel houses work commissioned and made in India on residencies by Scarlett Bowman, Rose Blake and Hugo Wilson. Soho House Mumbai had this collection curated in 2017/18 by Kate Bryan, Global Director of Art for Soho House.

The art goes beyond the galleries and into the luxurious suites. Each of the 38 rooms is glittered with bespoke block-printed curtains, shell-inlaid side tables, wood-carved and rattan furniture, and eco-friendly sisal carpet flooring. The lampshades designed from antique sari fabrics are great sights as well.

٣. Culinary Experiences

Soho House Mumbai offers the kind of delicious Indian cuisine that the world loves and adores. The club menu of House Regulars and seasonal locally inspired dishes is served on the eighth floor in the main members’ space, in the ninth floor Library, and on the rooftop terrace overlooking the city and the Arabian Sea.

There are also plenty of international flavours for those who want to mix the local cuisine with some foreign bites. Italian restaurant Cecconi serves up delicious Northern Italian-inspired dishes with a gorgeous sea view, while the amazing Mediterranean-themed dining menu features a selection of favourites including Kibbeh, Gyros, and Moussaka.

٤. Best time to visit

Source: The Spaces

The city of Mumbai is located in Maharashtra, an Indian state that is known for its extremely hot summers. The heat borders on unbearable at times, which is why the best time to visit is when the temperature drops in the winter. From October to February, Mumbai is very welcoming with its cool breezes.

During the season, Soho House Mumbai allows visitors to explore the Bollywood hub that is Juhu Beach in detail. The hotel is close to the airport, which means it can serve as a base for drives to the historic precincts in South Mumbai.

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