XVA Hotel

XVA Hotel in Dubai is a fusion of heritage and contemporary elegance

Nestled in the heart of the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, XVA Hotel Dubai stands as a testament to the seamless blend of heritage and modernity. Since its opening in 2003, this designer haven has captivated guests with its Persian architectural charm and commitment to showcasing Middle Eastern art. As you step into the corridors of this boutique hotel, you travel on a journey through time, where each corner whispers tales of the past while celebrating the vibrant culture of Dubai.

١. The History of XVA Hotel Dubai

XVA Hotel Dubai emerges from the rich mosaic of the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, once known as Bastakiya, Dubai’s oldest area. Once the residence of the Seddiqi family, renowned Rolex dealers in Dubai, Mona Hauser and her team of artists and designers transformed this historic building. Today, it stands as a beacon of cultural significance, offering 15 individually designed suites, an award-winning restaurant, and serene courtyards where guests can immerse themselves in the city’s heritage.

٢. The Hotel’s Artistic Expression

At XVA Hotel Dubai, art isn’t just an accessory; it’s the very soul that breathes life into every space. Curated by in-house art specialists, each room is a canvas waiting to be explored. From traditional Arabian motifs to contemporary masterpieces, the hotel serves as a gallery where guests can indulge their artistic senses. The XVA Gallery further amplifies this artistic expression, showcasing the diverse artwork of the region and fostering a deeper appreciation for Middle Eastern creativity.

٣. Culinary Experiences

Dubai hides a gem at XVA Art Hotel’s renowned café, hailed as “Dubai’s best-kept secret.” With a focus on vegetarian and vegan cuisine, the café tantalizes taste buds with an array of flavours inspired by cultures around the world. From savoury main courses to refreshing salads and decadent desserts, every dish is a masterpiece crafted with passion and innovation. Unwinding in their peaceful courtyard, surrounded by greenery. It’s the perfect escape from the city’s noise, where you can savour every bite in a relaxed atmosphere.

٤. Best Time To Visit

While Dubai charms visitors year-round with its vibrant energy, the best time to experience XVA Hotel Dubai is during the cooler months from October to April. With pleasant temperatures and clear skies, guests can fully immerse themselves in the hotel’s serene ambiance and explore the enchanting Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood at their leisure. Whether strolling through the alleyways or attending one of the hotel’s cultural events, every moment promises to be a treasure trove of unforgettable memories.

Leen is a writer, designer and creative director, holding a fashion design degree from ESMOD. She is currently pursuing an MBA in fashion management, specializing in luxury, in Paris. Living in various Western and Eastern locales, Leen writes on fashion, culture, and lifestyle at KHAMSA as she interns in the editorial department.