Frieze London

Art enthusiasts were delighted by the 2023 edition of Frieze London

Frieze London returned to its base for its annual art exhibition. This time, however, it was to celebrate its 20th anniversary, showcasing presentations from over 160 galleries spanning 46 countries at Regent’s Park. The global art fair paid tribute to Britain’s cultural community with plenty of collaborations across its five-day schedule from October 11 to October 15.

Source: Pilar Corrias Gallery

Frieze London was host to some spectacular collaborations between top art organizations and institutions. It featured a groundbreaking ‘Artist-to-Artist’ presentation that helped facilitate constructive feedback and comments for everyone involved. The new changes proved successful, with the fair’s VIP preview on the first day (October 11) boasting full aisles and early sales for many dealers.

The event thrilled with its perfect combination of established artists and their up-and-coming counterparts. There were all kinds of art on display, from modern interpretations to older masterpieces spanning centuries. The unmistakeable signature white tent was present to welcome visitors and enthusiasts to a festival that celebrated everything artistic.

Source: DAG

The definitive highlight of the show was arguably Danielle Mckinney’s solo booth at Marianne Boesky. Mckinney has become a sensation in the art community thanks to her intimate and cinematic portraits showing female inspirations of colour. Frieze London was her first visit to the UK after her auction debut months ago. The works she had on display did not disappoint, showcasing her recent shift from acrylic to oil painting.

Indeed, Frieze London was characterized by outstanding presentations and a plethora of paintings. Everything focused on colour, fun, and eccentricity, allowing enthusiasts to have a grand time. For example, Patrick Goddard came with an army of snails that drew a lot of attention, Pilar Corrias’ Hellermann mural and carpeting was bathed in some vibrant colours, and Gillian Wearing’s oversized bracelet was a canvas for a fantastic fragmented self-portrait. Every artist’s work drew in plenty of admirers, even those of Pam Evelyn, the youngest artist on the lineup, thanks to a new generation of art collectors.

Source: Galerie EIGEN + Art

“There’s definitely been a recalibration, but buyers are still active, they’re just more focused now. I remember when they would just want a name, not caring about the quality of the work. Now they actually want a good work.”

– Diane Abela, advisor

Celebrities in attendance included the likes of Florence Pugh, Stormzy, and Rami Malek, who were given early access. The event was closely monitored by art trends experts, who considered it a gauge of things to come before the much-anticipated November sales in New York. A total of 166 galleries turned up for the occasion, up 18 percent from the previous year.

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