Beyond Emerging Artists: Abu Dhabi's Showcase at Venice Biennale 2024

Abu Dhabi’s Rising Stars at Venice Biennale

Abu Dhabi Art has made a significant achievement in the global art scene as its “Beyond Emerging Artists” program is scheduled to showcase the works of Almaha Jaralla, Samo Shalaby, and Latifa Saeed at the prestigious Biennale Arte 2024 in Venice. This will be the fourth international presentation for the program.

Source: Abu Dhabi Art

The three artists, renowned for their innovative vision, will be showcasing their work at the Marignana Arte gallery from April 16 to May 15. The exhibition will coincide with the grand opening of the 60th edition of the Biennale, which has been themed ‘Foreigners Everywhere’ this year.

Samo Shalaby, one of the featured artists, expresses his excitement:

“As an artist, being invited to exhibit in Venice is both an honor and an exhilarating opportunity to showcase my work on a global stage.”

His installation, ‘What Lies Beneath’, debuted at Abu Dhabi Art in November 2023, promising an immersive exploration of identity and perception.

Latifa Saeed, another participant, shared her anticipation:

“I am most excited about the opportunity to weave my narrative into the rich tapestry of this global cultural haven.”

Her exhibit, ‘Dust Devils,’ delves into the natural phenomena of the Gulf desert landscape, offering a captivating dialogue between nature and innovation.

Abu Dhabi Art’s Beyond Emerging Artists program has been supporting emerging talents based in the UAE since 2017. Curated by Morad Montazami, the program offers a year-long journey of workshops and studio visits to these artists, culminating in a showcase at the annual Art Fair in November at Manarat Al Saadiyat. The program has provided a platform for these talents to flourish and grow.

The second iteration of this initiative in Venice exposes these artists to an international audience and fosters dialogues with art professionals, collectors, and fellow creators. Almaha Jaralla reflects on the historical significance:

“Showing in Venice with Abu Dhabi Art is really interesting for me because of the history of pearl trading between our part of the world and Europe.”

Such initiatives have resulted in Abu Dhabi’s leadership showing unwavering support for local and regional artists. As a result, a vibrant renaissance for the arts has been fostered in the region. Dyala Nusseibeh, the Director of Abu Dhabi Art, emphasizes the commitment to nurturing emerging talents and providing them with unparalleled international exposure.

As these artists take their place on the global stage, they represent the UAE’s thriving arts scene and contribute to a broader dialogue on identity, heritage, and innovation in contemporary art.

Abu Dhabi Art’s participation in the Venice Biennale epitomizes its commitment to fostering cultural exchange and showcasing the region’s diverse talents to the world. It reaffirms the city’s position as a global hub for creativity and artistic expression through such initiatives.

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