Louis Vuitton’s façades have been extensively explored in Pulitzer Prize-winning author Paul Goldberger’s book published by Assouline “Louis Vuitton Skin: Architecture of Luxury.” This thrilling publication takes readers on a world tour of the Maison’s most unique stores, from Miami to Mexico City, São Paulo to Seoul. Goldberger refers to Louis Vuitton’s stores as:

“The most radical rethinking of the concept of brand identity in our time.”

Courtesy of Assouline – Louis Vuitton

A rendering of the Beijing
Sanlitun store designed by
Jun Aoki and inspired by
the flowing lines of a Louis
Vuitton evening dress by the
women’s artistic director,

France, Paris, Fondation Louis Vuitton – 23rd november 2015 (Photo by Michael Jacobs/Art in All of Us/Corbis via Getty Images)

The Fondation Louis
Vuitton is located in the
Bois de Boulogne in the
16th arrondissement of Paris.

Courtesy of Assouline – Louis Vuitton

A night view of the
Jun Aoki-designed
Osaka Midōsuji Avenue
boutique with a skin
highly evocative of sails.

Rather than investing in a single architectural identity, the French luxury house chose to invest in the idea of architecture itself as being Louis Vuitton’s identity. This has resulted in the creation of significant buildings, many designed by internationally renowned architects like Frank Gehry, Jun Aoki, and Peter Marino. Each store has a bespoke exterior that relates to its specific location and is designed to evoke emotions. The result is a collection of stores that are modern and unique yet still reflect Louis Vuitton’s tradition of quality craftsmanship.

© Louis Vuitton Malletier/Stéphane Muratet

The Fondation Louis
Vuitton is located in the
Bois de Boulogne in the
16th arrondissement of
Paris, bordering on Neuilly-

Unlike the expectation that a large luxury company would assert itself behind standardized visual codes, Louis Vuitton’s stores are dramatically different expressions of urbanism and architecture. Each one is unlike anything the Maison has previously designed. For example, the Istanbul Istinye Park location has a topographical map-like exterior constructed with a three-dimensional printer, while Tokyo’s Namiki Dori store has a glass façade that references the nearby Tokyo Bay with undulating surfaces that transmit shifting colors for a wave-like effect.

Courtesy of Assouline – “Louis Vuitton Skin: Architecture of Luxury”

“Louis Vuitton Skin: Architecture of Luxury” published by Assouline, showcases the Maison’s dedication to creating unique and visually stunning stores that reflect their locations and evoke emotions.

The books will be available in six different covers, each featuring one of Louis Vuitton’s most architecturally distinctive stores around the world: Beijing, Paris, Seoul, New York City, Tokyo and Singapore.

Available for purchase from May 2023, feel free to visit www.assouline.com for all details.