With the publication of Lake Como Idyll in May, Assouline launches the second book in its Italy travel series.

One of the most captivating places on earth lies in Sicily, where sun-kissed mountains embrace pristine beaches and picturesque towns. In his exquisite masterpiece “Sicily Honor,” Gianni Riotta takes readers on an exquisite journey through this southern Italian island where the landscapes are as dynamic as the stories they tell. Taking part in Sicily is not an ordinary experience. Sicily, situated at the heart of the Mediterranean, is a melting pot of cultures, a legacy of several civilizations that have left their mark on its shores.

With mystical influences from the Middle East, refined elegance from Europe, and vibrant rhythms from Africa, this island’s architectural wonders reflect resilience and fusion. Nevertheless, it is within the gastronomic realm where these narratives are most evident. As you turn the pages of Sicily Honor, the boundaries of the everyday fade away, and you are swept into the arms of romance that emanate from this extraordinary land.

In every mouthful, Sicily whispers its secrets, conveying the echoes of past civilizations and the passions that have shaped its cuisine. As the flavours intertwine with fables handed down through generations, every bite carries centuries’ worth of weight. Sicily Honor offers a glimpse into a world where ancient myths intertwine with modern-day realities and where culinary traditions are cherished and revered. Step into this chic world where Sicily unveils itself as a paradise of epicurean delights and eternal romance.

Travel Series: Sicily Honor is published by Assouline. For more information, visit Assouline.com.
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