Whether you’re planning a holiday feast or simply seeking inspiration for your everyday dinners, these books are guaranteed to ignite your culinary creativity.

١. Maman & Me by Roya Shariat

Enjoy Iranian American cuisine with this stunning cookbook by Roya Shariat and her mother, Gita Sadeh. It contains 78 mouthwatering recipes that are easy to prepare at home. Featuring soups, stews, main courses, desserts, beverages, and more, the book invites you to their home, where they share family recipes.

With a fresh perspective on Iranian cuisine, it celebrates the evolution of Iranian food in America, incorporating innovative twists and flavours. Whether you’re familiar with Roya and Gita from their popular TikTok videos or discovering them for the first time, get ready to be inspired by their delightful Iranian-influenced dishes.

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٢. In Bibi’s Kitchen by Hawa Hassan and Julia Turshen

A captivating book that celebrates East Africa’s culinary traditions through 75 recipes and stories gathered from bibis (grandmothers) across eight African nations. Written by Somali chef Hawa Hassan and food writer Julia Turshen, the book sheds light on the importance of grandmothers’ voices.

With evocative photography, the book explores themes of family, war, migration, and sanctuary, showcasing the deep connections between food and human experiences. This book is a powerful glimpse into East Africa’s rich culinary heritage and the resilience of its people.

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٣. Bayrut: The Cookbook by Hisham Assaad 

Thanks to its geographical proximity to the Middle East and the Mediterranean, Lebanon’s cuisine is renowned for its whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and seafood dishes. Beirut’s culinary scene reflects the city’s ever-changing and sometimes turbulent heritage, leading to a distinct culinary character.

The cookbook explores Beirut’s culinary delights, offering both traditional classics and contemporary dishes that are accessible and delicious. Among Beirut’s culinary offerings are beloved street food, a thriving restaurant and café culture, and cherished family recipes.

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٤. The Mediterranean Dish by Suzy Karadsheh

Suzy Karadsheh was originally known for her Mediterranean food blog but has expanded into a leading online destination for contemporary Mediterranean cooking. In her highly anticipated debut cookbook, she introduces Mediterranean flavours to American kitchens using readily available ingredients for vibrant and delicious recipes. Additionally, her meals are nourishing and health-conscious.

Raised in Port Said, Egypt, Suzy grew up with a deep appreciation for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culinary traditions. As a former resident of Michigan, Des Moines, and Atlanta, Suzy’s modern cooking style incorporates her Southern surroundings.

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٥. Saudi Feast by Anissa Helou and Mayada Badr

This book explores Saudi culture through its cuisine. It features a collection of recipes from Saudi families, with 32 starters, main courses, and desserts carefully chosen by the Ministry of Culture. The book showcases delightful images of Saudi cooks in their kitchens, and it is divided into five chapters: Rice, Cardamom, Lamb, Dates, and Wheat.

Besides recipes, the book includes insightful texts written by culinary experts that explore local history, dietary traditions, proverbs, and anecdotes, giving readers a deeper understanding of Saudi Arabia’s hospitality traditions and way of life.

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