If you haven’t been to Flamingo Room by Tashas or Bungalow34, now you have two reasons to go: impressive dining and a unique little shopping experience at Collective Africa. The one-of-a-kind concept store celebrates the glamour and sophistication of African fashion and lifestyle. With two existing stores in Dubai and Johannesburg, the brand is expanding its reach with a new branch in Abu Dhabi and, soon, in Riyadh as well.

The brand’s founder, Nicola Greg, has always had a passion for African craftsmanship and creativity. That’s why Collective Africa is committed to sourcing unique products – be it fashion, homeware, and beauty – from African designers and artisans, bringing their work to a global audience. The brand also features a distinctive collection of Assouline books, the renowned publisher of luxury reads.

“Collective Africa celebrates the authentic African heritage, where our stores are filled with a luxurious collection of rare pieces,” commented the Founder of Collective Africa, Nicola Greg. “We aim to provide a unique shopping experience that allows our customers to explore the stories of our products and appreciate the craftsmanship and authenticity in each piece.”

So if you ever find yourself grabbing a bite at Bungalow34, make sure to stop by Collective Africa. Take your time browsing the collection of stylish clothes, stunning jewellery, and unique home decor items. And if you’re in the mood for a little pampering, be sure to check out the beauty section, filled with luxurious skincare products. We promise; you won’t leave empty-handed.

Rand Al-Hadethi is an art, culture, and fashion writer who approaches all her creative endeavours with a penchant for storytelling. She explores the intersection of fashion, culture, and society and sheds light on talent and cultural movements across the Middle East and the world. Rand also publishes a bi-monthly themed substack newsletter called WebWeaver™. To reach Rand, email her at rand@khamsa5.com or follow her on social media @rundoozz.