Welcome to KHAMSA Discover, a new series that unveils distinctive locations and interiors that are an absolute visual delight. In this inaugural instalment, we’re looking at Spatial Wonders – destinations with impeccable design and architectural mastery. Whether you’re a design fanatic or not, prepare to add these locations to your bucket list.

١ Palais Bulles de Pierre Cardin

This iconic French Riveria property, known as Le Palais Bulles, or Bubble Palace, has recently been put back on the market after legendary designer Pierre Cardin passed away. Cardin rented Le Palais Bulles for commercials and other events, including after-parties for the Cannes Film Festival and the Dior Cruise Collection 2016. 

Initially listed in 2016, Le Palais Bulles cost €350 million, making it one of Europe’s most expensive properties. The current price is undisclosed.

٢ Naoshima Island, Japan

Located in the Seto Inland Sea, between Honshū, Shikoku and Kyūshū, is Naoshima, a small island community famous for its art and architecture. The island of Naoshima can only be reached by boat or ferry, and when you get there, you can see sculptures and installations from artists like Claude Monet, James Turrell, Walter DeMaria, and Yayoi Kusama in the museums and surrounding tiny villages, sandy beaches, and green hillsides.

Whether contemporary art is your thing or not, Naoshima and Teshima offer a transformative experience.

٣ Copa del Sol

Within three hours of Puerto Vallarta, Costa Careyes combines nature, symbolism, and exuberance over 3,706 acres. This place is dominated by luxury villas, which have captured the attention of international celebrities. Moreover, its climate and blue waters evoke a lifestyle of comfort, privacy, and exclusivity. La Copa del Sol (Cup of the Sun) stands majestically on a cliff overlooking Teopa Beach.

You can meditate here or transmute energy to forget about the world for a moment; and witness one of the world’s most spectacular sunsets from the heights.

٤ Colonnes de Buren

Buren’s columns are part of the artwork installed in the courtyard of the Palais Royal, near the State Council and the Ministry of Culture. There are 260 broken columns in this work occupying 3000 square meters, made of white Carrara marble from Italy, with black marble from the French Pyrénées., of three different heights.

٥ Casa Wabi

On a picturesque Mexican seafront, Tadao Ando designed this house and art center around a 312-metre concrete wall. Located in this building is the Casa Wabi Foundation, an arts charity founded by Mexican artist Bosco Sodi and directed by Patricia Martin, the curator of Latin America’s largest private art collection, the Colección Júmex.

The perfect place for creative serenity.