On This Land

A glimpse behind the curtain into the realms of resistance and revolution.

On This Land is an exhibition that provides a glimpse into Gaza, encouraging a collective imagination for a potential future grounded in a palpable past. The collaboration intertwines the digital archive of The Palestinian Museum with works from the Barjeel Art Foundation’s collection.

The project, initiated by the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit, originally planned to explore the cultural legacy of Gaza. Recognizing the potency of collaboration during a period of impasse, The Palestinian Museum, Barjeel Art Foundation, and Alserkal Arts Foundation brought On This Land to fruition in a mere two weeks.

The week-long program kicks off with Alserkal Lates on November 20 (5-10 PM) and includes a curated Majlis Talks series, guest projects, a dance performance by Sima Dance Company, a storytelling performance, and over 15 new exhibitions throughout the Avenue. The event also features solo shows by Afra Al Dhaheri at Green Art Gallery, exhibits by Nima Nabavi and Jason Seifi at the Third Line Gallery, and a group show at Gazelli Art House addressing urgent environmental concerns.

Moreover, On This Land, provides an unrehearsed dialogue, which, between modern and contemporary art and photographic archives serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it establishes a space for thoughtful contemplation, allowing visitors an unexpected insight into Gaza, and urging them to envision a plausible future through the lens of a manifest past. Secondly, On This Land leverages spontaneous collaboration not only to safeguard silenced narratives but also to generate a nuanced and amplified response.

For more information, visit the AlSerkal website, or download the exhibition guide.

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