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If you love books, the time you spend reading your favourite one can be either a delightful experience or a frustrating one; not because of the book, but due to the noise and chaos around you. Many of us simply wish to step outside, book in hand, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and listen to our favourite music while reading.

Think of a place where you can enjoy both books and coffee – that’s a library café. These places are like the traditional parlours, where you can have your favourite drink, read, and socialize with others. Here are some standout ones in Dubai that provide you with an immersive reading experience.

١. Circle Café

Circle Café is the creation of two Emirati women who actively explored the promotion of Dubai’s reading culture. It quickly became a hit among readers in the region. The café is open for all who enjoy their read along with some delicious bites and refreshing drinks.

Circle Café accepts book donations to enhance their visitors’ reading experiences. Their branches are located all over Dubai, in areas like Shorooq Mirdif, Dubai Silicon Oasis and Dubai Healthcare City. The pick of the bunch is the Business Bay branch, which is the beautiful library café in all its goodness.

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٢. Spill The Bean

‘Spill the Bean‘ embodies all the essential elements of a great library café in Dubai, offering complimentary Wi-Fi, inviting decor, large windows, comfortable seating, and of course, a collection of books. This Dubai café, known for its distinctive coffee blends, is not only a conducive place for work, but also a popular breakfast spot for many readers.

It stands out as one of the finest library cafés in Dubai, featuring a book exchange system where you can trade one of your books for a new one. Their dedication to creating work-friendly environments in Dubai has attracted numerous book enthusiasts seeking a tranquil place to read. Your visit is also rewarded with a complimentary coffee when you contribute a book to the library café.

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٣. Kuttab Café

Kuttab Café provides an excellent setting for individuals to sit, unwind, and work in a tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for reading. Conceived by Kuttab Publishing, a Dubai-based publishing company, this café boasts its own in-house library with an extensive range of book genres, from light fiction to highly sought-after religious and philosophical texts.

This library café features a diverse collection of Arabic literature suitable for all age groups, including children and language learners. Its comfortable high-back couches and stylish decor are particularly noteworthy. Additionally, the café hosts regular book releases and author signings to support local writers.

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٤. Kefi Library Café

Kefi Library Café is a recent addition to the reading world in Dubai, but it is definitely one of the better ones. With a stellar collection of books and a bunch of board games, it is the perfect hotspot for hours of fun and engagement.

The café is divided into two sections – the first one has a spacious sitting area for a comfortable and private dinner experience, while the second one is more open and ideal for group dinners. The food and drinks on offer are great accompaniments for the day spent.

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٥. The Lighthouse

The Dubai Design District (d3) houses a creative nook by the name of The Lighthouse. It is the perfect place for a unique dine-n-shop experience, offering all three meals and an array of handcrafted gifts. The concept store also houses some great books that serve as fine reads, especially the ones on culinary arts.

As you sit and enjoy the day’s read, you can choose from many delicious bites, including chocolates and pastries. The range of food is spectacular, with customers having the option of being served creative concoctions made using unusual ingredients. You can learn more here.

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