Moynat x Guerlain results in a unique and exquisite trunk.

Moynat and Guerlain have combined their visions to create a unique trunk, specially designed to hold Guerlain’s Bespoke Fragrance offering. This is a matchless union that brings together the grandeur of Parisian artistry and the exquisite symphony of scents.

Source: Moynat

Crafted by the skilled artisan trunk-makers, this bespoke trunk’s birchwood structure is meticulously covered with the Moynat’s signature Canvas 1920, originally first created in 1920. The Carbon Bronze M Monogram coated canvas is reinterpreted for this creation, being imbued with Guerlain’s icon Bee emblem.

Designed specifically for bespoke fragrances, the trunk opens to make room for a treasure. The palladium clasps with a complex mechanism are the heirs of vintage trunks, keeping alive an age-old tradition of attention to detail. Made with the finest quality materials carefully chosen for their durability and aesthetic, it reveals an outstanding coated canvas, a finely worked black leather handle, ornamental brass hinges on the outside and a delicate Alcántara lining on the inside.

The Moynat x Guerlain trunk takes 55 hours of work to craft, paying meticulous attention to every detail and pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship to embody excellence in its purest form. At the heart of the instrument, there is a one-litre Bee Bottle containing the precious bespoke elixir. On opening, it appears as the showpiece, allowing a self-merchandising presentation. Drawers unfold on either side, like small
safes containing the other bottle sizes and accessories. The whole set is accompanied by a booklet handwritten by a calligrapher telling the unique story of the customer’s experience, notably revealing the inspiration behind the fragrance with Thierry Wasser’s inspirations and quotations.

Each bespoke fragrance experience offers the possibility of greater customization, notably by adding your initials and colored stripes to the trunk to transform it into a singular, unique piece and reveal the ultimate expression of your personality. Each letter and each stripe is hand-painted by artists from the Moynat workshops in a broad palette of shimmering colors.

A special order can be made (estimate on request) requiring a Moynat custom-made consultation to
create the client’s ideal trunk. Special orders are available at all Guerlain boutiques worldwide.

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