Limelight Gala

The Limelight Gala collection is five decades young

Piaget is celebrating 50 years of the Limelight Gala, their jewellery watch par excellence. It is a unique symbol of the cultural legacy left by the Piaget Society of the 1970s. Instantly recognisable for its generous curves and the asymmetrical lugs of its bezel, set with precious stones, its audacious look makes it stand out. Indeed, it is referred to as a “fashion watch.”

Source: Piaget

Launched in 1969, the ’21st Century Collection’ was both a collection and a manifesto. It crystallized an aesthetic revolution – the convergence of two types of savoir-faire in watchmaking and jewellery – thanks to the development of the 9P in 1957, a hand-wound mechanical movement that was a mere 2 mm thick. Piaget explored this concept with creativity, with the dials of cuff watches and Swinging Sautoirs being covered in brightly coloured ornamental stones and paired with solid gold bracelets.

In 1973, the Limelight Gala came into being. From the moment it was created, the watch was caught in a whirlwind of receptions, parties, dinners and galas. It displayed the time with panache and flamboyance, gracing the wrists of women dressed by the most famous couturiers. Yves Piaget, the Maison’s fourth generation scion, founded the Piaget Society, which was an international community made up of sophisticated clients, actors, singers, writers and artists, including Cary Grant, Sammy Davis Jr., Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, Ursula Andress, and Andy Warhol.

Fast-forward to 2023, and Limelight Gala is still very much the charismatic and powerful creation it began life as. It carries the same couture extravagance and the innovative refinement of its Seventies predecessors. At a time when exuberance is coming back to the fore, the Maison can go on designing its pieces with the same unfettered freedom.

Source: Piaget

The watch bracelet is crafted from strands of gold woven into a Milanese mesh, guaranteeing a smooth finish and a second-skin feel. On the dial, there is still an explosion of colour, while the bezel is generously wrapped in perfectly matched stones. With the infinite variety of its blends of materials and colours, the collection reveals its clear propensity for extravagance. This spirit is embodied by lugs set with double rows of stones in a scale of rainbow hues, or adorned with flamboyant marquise-cut diamonds. The skilled watchmakers at the Plan-les-Ouates Manufacture devote hundreds of hours crafting this exquisite creations.

The Limelight Gala is the epitome of extravagance. More jewel than watch, it is the perfect example of the rich elegance unique to Piaget.

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