adidas celebrates the SL 72’s past, present, and future.

First crafted over a half a century ago, the iconic adidas SL 72 silhouette was introduced to the world during the Summer Olympics in 1972. The SL series kicked off with the revolutionary lightweight running sneaker, which transformed the running category completely. A nod to the phrase ‘Super Light’, it perfectly highlighted adidas’ commitment to empowering athletes with greater speed and agility on the track. In the years that have passed, it has firmly established its place in culture.

The SL 72 continues to stay at the top, making its way under the feet of people like Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid. More than five decades later, adidas Originals celebrates the inimitable legacy of the groundbreaking sneaker that refuses to stop running strong with a regional campaign exploring style and culture.

Shot by visual storyteller Tami Aftab, highlighting Arwa Almisawi and Charlize Miradi, the campaign imagery highlights the strong narrative of the illustrious SL 72 by showcasing the evolution of sneaker culture and how it transcends from the track to the street.

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