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A list of KSA designers who are making their mark in the industry.

With unique street styles and haute couture, Saudi Arabia’s fashion scene has definitely made a name on an international level. Now with the Riyadh Fashion Week set to take place from October 20-23, all eyes are on the local fashion industry. As such, here is a list of ten KSA designers and brands you need to look out for!

١. Nora Al Shaikh 

Based in Jeddah, this KSA designer combines Saudi heritage with different cultures that she encounters with her travels. Nora sources her inspiration from various avenues, such as architecture, art installations and people she meets on the streets. Furthermore, her work is mainly characterized by a positive and feminine touch.  

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٢. Mohammed Bajabaa (Proud Angeles) 

Combining Saudi excellence and LA street fashion, Mohammed Bajabaa, known as Moe, introduced an online concept store called Proud Angeles. The brand aims to promote individuality and self-expression that is inspired by LA’s streetwear culture and energy. Proud Angeles seeks out to mimic to absorb LA’s positive culture and experience in the Middle East.  

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٣. Mohammed Ashi (Ashi Studio) 

Pioneering the collaboration between design and architecture, world renowned couture house, Mohamed Ashi, is a must-have fashion mogul on your list. Founder and KSA designer Ashi has dressed big names in the industry, like Beyoncé, Cardi B and Ciara.  

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٤. Honayda 

Representing women empowerment and femininity through fashion, this KSA designer has dressed A-listers such as Lupita Nyong’o. Honayda’s work is sophisticated and a guaranteed head turner. Her brand features a wide range of designs, from abayas to kaftans to evening wear.  

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٥. Sarah Al Saud (Death by Dolls) 

Dressing the likes of Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus, designer Sarah Al Saud brings the edgy, bold and avant-garde ’80s touch to her work. Her aesthetic incorporates unique colours and gives off a dramatic and eye captivating effect. Al Saud, along with her sibling, co-created Death By Dolls, a brand that through fashion promotes self-expression, embracing individuality and constantly pushing boundaries.  

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٦. Mohammed Khoja (HINDAMME) 

Mohammed Khoja is a self-taught designer hailing from the Eastern Saudi province of al-Khobar. He is known for skilfully marrying contemporary Eastern and Western styles, while adding a touch of Saudi spirit. Khoja’s work was displayed at London’s infamous V&A museum, with him being recognized as a revolutionary of change within the international fashion community.  

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٧. Arwa Al Banawi 

Arwa Al Banawi is the face behind a widely loved brand in the Kingdom. She is known for her fresh and youthful ready-to-wear collections. Working alongside well-known brands such as Levi’s and Adidas, Al Banawi’s designs are popular among those looking for sleek and contemporary fashion.  

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٨. TOBY and TOBY Femme 

Founded by designer Hateem Al Akeel, TOBY and TOBY Femme has worked with industry giants such as Evian, Lexus, Mattel’s Barbie, Fairmont, and Rosweed. Additionally, Al Akeel is among the first designers to take the Saudi traditional thawb to retail outlets such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Boutique 1 and Harvey Nichols. 

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٩. Sadeem Alshehail (SADEEM) 

This next brand can be thanked for making sustainability chic once again! Pret -à-couture brand SADEEM was established in 2016 by Saudi-based designer Sadeem Alshehail. SADEEM focuses on creating high quality womenswear pieces. Branding timeless and versatile designs, SADEEM promotes confidence and elegance, and is at the forefront of sustainable fashion.  

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١٠. Kaf by Kaf 

Last, but not the least, Kaf by Kaf specializes in mastering outwear that features traditional and cultural motifs. With a degree in architecture, founder Kawthar Alhoraish is revolutionizing the skill of fabric and patterning in fashion. She is known for designs well-constructed couture and ready-to-wear collections that encourage being bold and unique with ideas.  

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