KHAMSA’s pick of UAE perfume houses that stand out from the rest

Arabian fragrances have a long history of being exceptionally captivating, whether it’s the fact that their wearers leave a lingering trail as they pass by, or the endurance of these scents over time. Perfumes and fragrances have become integral to the daily lives of Arab people, who are among the world’s earliest civilizations to embrace scents as a part of their daily routines.

The use of perfumes in Arabic culture dates back about 5,000 years. As such, the contemporary perfume industry owes much of its heritage to ancient Arabic perfumery. These fragrances are not only unique, but also resonate with local traditions and customs.

Rich Middle Eastern fragrances have become a recent sensation on popular social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Much credit goes to the American fragrance influencer Funmi Monet (@funmimonet), whose engaging unboxing videos on TikTok have played a significant role in reintroducing Arabian perfumes to a worldwide audience


Some of the best smelling Arab perfumes I tried from Dubai ✨ #perfumetiktok #arabperfume #perfumehaul

♬ original sound – Funmi Monet

Millions of viewers worldwide are now looking to the Middle East for aromatic inspiration. As such, KHAMSA lists five UAE perfume houses that operate as key players in their industry,

١. Lattafa

Lattafa, a brand deeply connected to the Middle East’s rich heritage, has made a significant impact on the worldwide fragrance industry. It offers a sensory journey that goes beyond cultural and geographical confines. The brand’s distinctive range seamlessly blends Eastern luxury with modern allure, showcasing a dedication to excellence, artistry, and a keen sense of aesthetics.

Khamrah, a Lattafa fragrance, is a must-try. It combines top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and bergamot for a refreshing citrusy scent with a hint of cinnamon spice. Khamrah boosts confidence with its sweet and sensuous feel. You can find it here.

Source: Lattafa

٢. Swiss Arabian

Swiss Arabian offers a unique collection of sophisticated, exotic, and top-notch designer fragrances available in concentrated oil and Eau De Parfum formats. These scents are the perfect complements to your personal style, boasting staying power in abundance.

Shaghaf Oud stands as Swiss Arabian’s latest signature fragrance. The saffron notes seamlessly intertwine with the core of agarwood, akin to the source of a flowing river that gains intensity with each layer of the fragrance. The agarwood reveals a delightful rose scent which mingles with the warm embrace of vanilla.

You can find it here.

Source: Swiss Arabian

٣. Hamidi

Hamidi Oud & Perfumes possesses decades of experience in crafting some of the most intricate and exquisite Oriental fragrances. This brand is wholeheartedly dedicated to the art of Oriental perfumery, capturing the fascination of contemporary enthusiasts intrigued by the mystique of Arabic perfumery and traditional values.

Oud Admire is one of Hamidi’s standout offerings. The fragrance begins with its top notes featuring the enchanting scents of agarwood, saffron, and rose. These lead into notes of incense, raspberry, birch, benzoin, and geranium, which contribute to a rich lingering scent. You can find it here.

Source: Hamidi

٤. Al Rasasi

Al Rasasi Perfumes has gained global renown for crafting unparalleled oriental and Western fragrances, distinguished by their superior quality, refinement, and sophistication during the past thirty years. Their perfumes are conceptualized and crafted in a cutting-edge facility by skilled perfumers, and distributed to more than 50 countries across the globe.

Dhan Al Oudh Al Nokhba’ falls into the sweet olfactory category, offering a harmonious blend of woody and notes in traditional Arabic fashion. Designed to be used during fall, this scent forms a perfectly balanced combination ideal for modern women. You can find it here.

Source: Al Rasasi

٥. Naseem

Naseem Al Hadaeq Perfumes has steadily and resolutely ascended to a distinguished position as a pioneering authority in the realm of alcohol-free fragrances. Their extensive array of offerings encompasses a diverse spectrum of scented products, with their entire product range being exclusively water-based.

Musk Safi evokes the gentle, elegant feeling of a drifting feather, combining the subtle freshness of the lily of the valley with the comforting warmth of velvety musk. This results in a clean yet luxurious fragrance, making it a modern take on the timeless royal white musk. You can find it here.

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