90s Grunge Makeup

Revisit the iconic ’90s Grunge Makeup Look in style!

The ’90s Grunge Makeup look is one of the most iconic fashion trends of all time. The kohl-lined eyes, matte complexions, and smudgy eyeshadows were all intensively used and explored by everyone back in the day. It cemented itself as one for the history books, even if it rotated out thanks to the ever-present fashion trending clock.

These days, looks from yesteryear are slowly making returns to fashion week runways. At this rate, it will only be a matter of time before the ’90s Grunge Makeup look makes its grand return to your TikTok FYPs. If you are eager to jump on the trend before the rest of the world, here is a guide to recreating it in a few simple steps.

١. Face

Since the ’90s Grunge Makeup look is more focused on your eyes and lips, make sure to keep the skin matte to not let it overpower everything else. For this particular base, you can use a pore-filling primer, paired with a soft matte foundation. Use no more than 2–3 pumps of each. Remember, less is more!

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٢. Eyes

This is the focal point of your look. Once that smokey eye is in place, you’re basically all set. For any good-old smokey eye, you typically need three shades – the light shade for transition, the dark shade to add depth, and the darkest shade to add to the lid.

Begin with applying the light shade slightly above the crease of your eyes. Feel free to blend this in however you like (can go as high or as far off). Pick up a darker shade and apply it on the crease and the outer corner of your eyes, and then finish it off by applying the darkest shade on the lid and then some mascara. For more volume, you can use some black liner or other dark colours on the top and bottom water lines, and smudge it out the way you like.

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٣. Lips

The ’90s Grunge Makeup look would be rendered incomplete without a bold lip. You can pick from classics like a deep red, or experiment with other dark colours such as black and purple.

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٤. Eyebrows

You will know that the 90’s Grunge Makeup look had eyebrows that were well-shaped and over-plucked. As such, if you have thin brows, leave them as they are. If you have thick and bushy brows, make sure to not fill them too much. Prioritize using a thin eyebrow pencil or a normal eyebrow soap to add a little definition.

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