Hare Lipstick

Delving into the fine charms of Hare Lipstick.

If you’re an Arab girl born between the 1970s and the 1990s, chances are you’ve heard of the Hare Lipstick. This cosmetic relic, with its green tip, has been a staple of young girls’ beauty routines. Introduced not for its exceptional qualities but for its inherent charm, the Hare Lipstick has transcended generations and cultures, becoming a symbol of fun, girlhood and accessibility. Indeed, its reputation lies in its appeal of being a real entry-level introduction to lipstick.

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١. History

In Morocco, the Hare Lipstick is affectionately known as the “Don’t worry, just kiss” cosmetic. Elsewhere, it’s also referred to as “the magical lipstick.” Magical lipstick made its debut in the 1970s, using a kitsch green packaging adorned with golden flowers that remains unchanged to this day. In the 90s, with the trends for colour changing cosmetics and fashion, the Hare Lipstick became a popular item with its ability to transform from green to pink upon application.

Originating from the Maghreb, the use of the Hare Lipstick spread to many African countries before making its way to Europe, starting with Spain, which is in close proximity to Morocco. While marketed as a Moroccan product, it’s interestingly revealed to have originated in Tunisia, or even in Indonesia. 

Source: DIOR

٢. Composition and Use

What sets the Hare Magic Moroccan lipstick apart is its shades of lime green, leading to a shockingly vibrant colour transformation upon application, from green to bright red/pinkish colour. The lipstick stands out with its stubborn, long-lasting wear, with TikTok beauty gurus jokingly warning their viewers that regular makeup remover will not work.

The common thread among these colour-changing lip products is the inclusion of Red 27, a synthetic dye that turns bright pinkish-red when exposed to moisture. While the Hare lipstick likely contains this magical (yet dangerous for some) ingredient, it also utilizes argan oil for moisturization. 

The Hare lipstick is composed of carefully chosen ingredients like castor oil, aloe vera, candelilla wax, and carnauba wax, providing proven effectiveness and optimal results. It hydrates, softens, and protects your lips. Its very long-lasting wear and hydration last until the evening and beyond (24 hours, to be precise), eliminating the need for frequent touch-ups.

Once applied, its colour varies from woman to woman, adapting to the pH of the skin and blending perfectly with the user’s complexion. The lipstick’s good texture and consistency, thanks to the vegetable waxes it contains, make it also water-resistant!

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٣. Where to Shop?

While buying the Hare Lipstick online, one has to carefully research the options. The quality-price ratio is significant, making it an affordable and appreciated cosmetic choice. Check the reliability of websites and sellers, especially on Oriental cosmetic websites, Amazon, or Priceminister. To be more cautious, you can buy it directly in oriental stores or souks. 

Nowadays, there’s also modern reinterpretations of the lipstick available on the market, such as; 

Dior Addict Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm

Designed for every woman, the lip balm reacts to the individual chemistry of the lips, providing a fresh look tailored to each person’s skin tone.

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Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto

This colour-reviving lip balm reacts with the lips’ pH levels to create a personalized shade. It offers hydration and a subtle tint, and the packaging is luxurious.

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Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss

This intuitive lip gloss changes colour based on the wearer’s unique pH levels, creating a personalized shade of pink.

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Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint

Bobbi Brown’s Extra Lip Tint is designed to enhance the natural colour of lips with a sheer, just-bitten tint. It provides a comfortable and moisturizing feel.

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Colour-Changing Flower Lip Balm from WinkyLux

This lip balm responds to your skin’s pH levels and produces beautifully customized pink lips. Each lip balm, is adorned with a genuine chrysanthemum flower matching your preferred shade.

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