Cultivating that glow, thanks to ingredients that are reminiscent of Arab beauty traditions and secrets. Rose Water is a key beauty product in the Middle East – scroll down and discover more about its production, tips, tricks, and benefits of this cult Arab beauty routine element.

Rose water is a precious ingredient that is extensively used by our mothers, aunties, cousins, and is now passed onto us, the future generations. 

©  Rosewater shelves in Shahre Golab Rosewater Store in Iran

When I am sick, my mom makes a mist with rose water, orange blossom and cologne and sprays my whole body with it. It provides coolness and relief to my sore muscles. When my relatives are back from a pilgrimage to the Mecca, they always make sure to bring me a bottle of rose and musk scented perfume.

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Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, rose floral water has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. On top of the evident benefits it observes, it is a versatile ingredient that can be used on your face, hair, and body. 

A daily application on the face helps fight excess sebum by restoring the PH balance of your skin. Its virtues bring radiance to the complexion by smoothing and revitalizing the skin. Plus, there is little risk of allergic reaction using this water because unlike an essential oil, it is diluted.

You can use it as a toner with a cotton ball or as a spray on your face. After sunbathing, rose water is also recommended – it soothes and combats the harmful effects of the sun on the skin.

© Al Haush – Harvesting the famous Damascena Roses in Syria

At the Hammam, rose water is often used. After the scrub, we usually get coated with a paste made of Rhassoul and rose water that detoxifies and hydrates the skin. Makeup artists also find it quite useful for the eyes; it cleanses and soothes them very gently the area. Also, thanks to the vitamin A it contains, rose water helps reduce puffiness and dark circles.

The choice of which distilled rose to buy is important. What is usually found in Arab supermarkets are waters extracted from the Damascene Rose – the queen of flowers, known to be the richest in antioxidants. Arab brands such as Rabee, Sadaf, Yamama or Cortas Rose Water are usually recommended between friends – you can get your Cortas bottle on this link.

© Cortas – Rose Water

Luxury beauty brands are also celebrating the use of roses and are using it in some of their product lines, such as sprays, lotions, serums or moisturizers. Our favorites ones are:


A cult-favorite face mist, the Mario Badescu rose water spray helps revive dehydrated skin and boost complexion thank to its infusion of Aloe, Rose, and Gardenia.

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The Lotion helps rebalance the skin, especially in hot or humid weather. Enriched with minerals and Rose de Granville oil, it brings a feeling of infinitely pure and fresh skin.

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 The serum seeks to deliver a fresh glow with deep hydration using a blend of rosewater, Damascene rose and lightweight oils.

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Get your rose products, and start the year with glowing and hydrated skin!

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