“I believe all women are pretty without makeup — but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.”

– Bobbi Brown

١. ASTERI’s ‘Al Ghoroub’

Courtesy of ASTERI

ASTERI, a leading beauty brand in Saudi Arabia, proudly unveils its empowering ‘Al Ghoroub’ campaign. Centred around the theme of self-care and community upliftment, ASTERI celebrates the essence of Ramadan by encouraging individuals to embrace mindfulness and inner well-being through their products.

Through the ‘Al Ghoroub’ campaign, families are encouraged to come together, create cherished memories, and support one another in fostering love and unity. With specially curated makeup products focusing on hydration and skincare benefits, ASTERI invites you to embrace the beauty of this season.

FOUNDATION: Radiant Skin Liquid Foundation

Surround your skin with healthy radiance using this long-lasting liquid foundation that allows your skin’s individuality to shine through while creating a naturally flawless finish. The micro pigments build seamless coverage, blur pigmentation, and smooth the skin’s appearance. A buildable formula that adapts to your look and how you feel about your skin at that moment, and always looks like you.

Available on ASTERI beauty

CONTOUR & HIGHLIGHTER: Aria Highlighter Stick

Their fresh and dewy highlighter stick invites you to let your light shine. With a smooth and creamy formula infused with micro-shimmer and hydrating ingredients, it imparts skin with an iridescent glow and lustre akin to a precious natural pearl.

This hydrating highlighter stick authentically creates the look of radiant and dewy skin. Its micro-shimmer ensures the most natural, gleaming, and glossy glow-effect possible, enhancing real skin with every application.

Available on ASTERI beauty.

٢. Radiant Revelations: Introducing the New Dior Glow Collection

Courtesy of Dior

Dior, known for celebrating the essence of powerful femininity, unveils a new era of radiance with its latest beauty revelation: the Dior Glow Collection. In a testament to 15 years of expertise and innovation, Dior Forever presents a groundbreaking range that illuminates women worldwide. These signature formulations, cherished for their high-perfection finish and floral skincare benefits, now pave the way for a radiant revolution.

“Glow is the greatest ally of our ambassadors. Today, we provide every woman with the tools to shine effortlessly. These formulas, suitable for all skin tones, revive radiance for an incredible in-the-spotlight effect.”

Peter Philips


Dior Forever Natural Bronze Glow bronzing powder reveals a radiant, sun-kissed complexion enhanced with a naturally healthy-looking tan. A couture detail, the limited edition case is adorned with embroidered cane work enhanced with the “Christian Dior” headband.

For this limited edition, Dior encapsulates within each harmony four healthy-looking shades: a satin bronzer, a matte sculpting powder, a vitamin blush, and an illuminating powder infused with golden.

Available on DIOR


The first Dior Forever liquid highlighter, a true concentrate of light in a bottle, illuminates the complexion and enhances it with a spectacular, instant and long-lasting radiance.

Infused with ultra-fine luminous pearls, Dior Forever Glow Maximizer gives the complexion a healthy glow that lasts all day. Fine and fresh, its easy-to-blend texture merges with the skin to reflect light without any material effect. Its formula composed of 92% ingredients of natural origin and infused with iris extract hydrates

Available on DIOR

٣. SimiHaze Beauty Skin Suede

Courtesy of SimiHaze

SimiHaze Beauty, the trailblazing brand founded by Simi and Haze Khadra, introduces Skin Suede, a revolutionary skin-perfecting cream-to-powder balm. This innovative product delivers natural warmth infused with hydration, offering a multipurpose solution for your beauty needs.

Skin Suede’s unique formula is enriched with delicate mattifying powders, ensuring a silky soft finish that effortlessly melts onto the skin. Its versatility allows for bronzing, sculpting, and creating a monochromatic effect on eyes and lips. What sets Skin Suede apart is its stretchable balm texture, adapting seamlessly to the skin for a flawless finish.

SUN FLUSH All-Over Face Tint

It is a multi-use tint infused with skin-soothing ingredients. Dab the doe-foot applicator on your eyes and cheeks — wherever you want a flush of colour. The moisture-infused formula gives a filtered, flushed-from-within effect (picture the way your skin looks on a humid day). The finish is dewy, but not shiny. The bouncy gel-cream formula sinks into your skin and leaves nothing but sheer hydration behind.

Available on SimiHaze Beauty

SKIN SUEDE Melting Bronze Balm

Instant summer skin. SKIN SUEDE is a multipurpose skin-perfecting cream-to-powder balm that delivers natural warmth with hydration. Infused with delicate mattifying powders for a silky-soft finish, the air-light balm melts onto the skin and can be to bronze, sculpt and create a monochromatic effect on eyes and lips.  The stretchable balm creates a second skin adaptation, while a slow-release Hydra-Sphere Complex delivers a unique slow-release, small molecular weight hyaluronic acid that penetrates the skin to plump and hydrate from the inside out.

Available on SimiHaze Beauty

٤. CHANEL’s Chromatic Ocean SPRING 2024 collection

Courtesy of CHANEL

Drawing inspiration from the emotionally evocative nature of colour, Valentina Li leads the trio in crafting a palette that embodies the essence of CHANEL style. This season, the focus is on the mesmerizing shades of blue and vibrant corals, reminiscent of the depths of the ocean. Through her collection, she invites wearers to dive into their inner depths, embracing the enigmatic allure of the sea.

The SPRING 2024 collection encapsulates the multifaceted nature of blue, reflecting the shimmering sunlight dancing on the ocean’s surface, the iridescence of pearls, and the captivating hues of coral reefs. Valentina’s fascination with the ocean’s mysteries shines through, offering wearers a chance to experience the allure of the deep blue sea.


Created exclusively for the Spring 2024 Collection, this limited-edition eyeshadow palette is inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s love of the ocean. The harmony features three luminous, earthy colours reminiscent of both dry and wet sand—transparent with pink and golden shimmer, champagne and semi-matte taupe—as well as a contrasting satiny turquoise that echoes the hue of the sea.

Available on CHANEL


A liquid lipstick that combines ultra-intense colour with longwearing satin shine in a single swipe. ROUGE ALLURE LAQUE is infused with 2 types of polymers to preserve colour and help lock in hydration. The water-resistant formula features a creamy, fluid texture that glides on smoothly and lasts up to 12 hours. Lips feel comfortable for up to 8 hours

Available on CHANEL.


Courtesy of REFY

REFY offers essential, easy-to-use products tailored for those on the go. In a world of endless beauty choices, REFY stands out by focusing on simplicity, efficiency, and confidence. Join the REFY community and embrace your most confident self effortlessly.

At the heart of REFY’s offerings is the LASH SCULPT mascara, a revolutionary product that creates sculpted, lifted, and lengthened lashes for up to 12 hours. But REFY doesn’t stop there; they offer curated collections designed to enhance natural beauty effortlessly. And to make shopping even easier, REFY’s offerings allow customers to save while achieving their desired looks.


REFY Lash Sculpt is not just any mascara, it creates a lifted, lengthened, and sculpted lash effect that lasts up to 12 hours. The pigmented formula is non-transferable, and it helps to nourish and strengthen the lashes while enhancing their natural shine.

Available on Refy


The REFY Lip Collection features the Lip Sculpt and Lip Gloss. Choose from seven shades of Lip Sculpt and define your lips with the creamy, blendable liner.

Available on Refy

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