We all need a hydrating punch.

Between balm and gloss comes lip oil. While providing the same moisturising benefits as a balm, lip oils are infused with a variety of natural oils that nourish your lips with a tint. You can apply lip oil as it is for a natural glossy look, or add dimension to your favourite matte lipstick. In addition to treating lips like a concentrated hydrating serum, lip oils contain a variety of moisture-replenishing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

١. Gisou’s Honey-Infused Lip Oil

This honey-infused lip oil contains hyaluronic acid and mirsalehi bee garden oil for hydration and moisture (yes, there’s a difference) and leaves behind a golden hue that is visually impossible to miss.

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٢. Nuxe’s Honey Lip Care

This honey-infused oil has a silky and smooth texture that glides across your lips without being sticky. It’s also a great lipstick base for hydrating your lips and giving them shine.

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٣. Hermès’ Hermèsistible Infused Care Lip Oil

Using 97% natural ingredients, the color and scent care oil gives the lips a light touch of color, a radiant shine, and a fruity note. Consider it a very very hydrating must-have with the bonus of fresh make-up effect.

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٤. Clarins’ Lip Comfort Oil

With a giant and impossible-to-smudge applicator, this lip oil delivers comfort to chapped skin with its gel-like texture and hazelnut and jojoba oil-infused formula that lasts you a good while.

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٥. Dior’s Lip Glow Oil

This oil appears as one color and morphs into another – complimenting – hue depending on your pH level. Its eight shades are infused with cherry oil, an antioxidant that protects lips from environmental aggressors. It went viral for a reason.

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