Surfing, rhythm, and community collide in the latest chapter of the Bal d’Afrique retrospective by BYREDO. This time, the collaboration involves South African pro surfer Mikey February, who brings his infectious energy and magnetic personality to the project.

Directed by Roberto Colombo, the film titled “A Juju State of Mind with Mikey February” captures the dynamic movements of February as he conquers the waves along the African coastline. His freestyling skills are simply mesmerizing, and he effortlessly combines the sport with the rich traditions of music and dance. The result is a captivating synergy between the rhythm of the waves and the beat of the music, creating a poetic montage that showcases not only February’s talent but also his ability to connect with the community.

Courtesy of Byredo

The film beautifully weaves together introspective moments and shared experiences, reflecting the personal connections and collective memories at the core of the Bal d’Afrique fragrance. Launched over a decade ago, this scent has undergone an evolution that embraces the essence of its inspiration: the people, culture, creativity, and art of Africa.

To commemorate this exciting collaboration, BYREDO has made Bal d’Afrique available in their boutiques. You can get your hands on a 50ml bottle for 772 AED or splurge on the 100ml version for 1,096 AED. It’s a small price to pay to experience the essence of Africa captured in a fragrance.

Courtesy of Byredo

This project is a celebration of the fusion between sports, art, and culture. BYREDO has successfully captured the essence of Africa and its vibrant spirit through the dynamic storytelling of Mikey February’s surfing journey. It’s a joyful experience that leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

Not only does this collaboration bring attention to the beauty of African surfing, but it also highlights the importance of preserving and honoring cultural traditions. By merging the world of surfing with music and dance, Mikey February is not just riding the waves; he’s carrying a legacy forward.

The Bal d’Afrique retrospective is a multi-faceted project that explores the intricate connections between scent and memory. Each chapter tells a unique story, crafted with care and attention to detail. And with Mikey February, the third chapter has taken on a whole new level of excitement and energy.

Courtesy of Byredo
Courtesy of Byredo
Courtesy of Byredo

If you haven’t watched “A Juju State of Mind with Mikey February” yet, you’re missing out on a visual and auditory feast. The film captures the essence of Africa, both on land and in the water, in a way that is simply exhilarating. So, don’t waste any more time. Grab your popcorn, sit back, and get ready to be transported to the vibrant world of African surfing and culture.

And if you’re lucky enough to live near a BYREDO boutique, you can bring a piece of this magical experience home with you. Bal d’Afrique is waiting for you, ready to whisk you away on a sensory journey through the rhythms and scents of Africa.

So, whether you’re a surfer, a fragrance enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates art and culture, Bal d’Afrique is a must-have. It’s a scent that captures the spirit of Africa and lets you carry a piece of its vibrant energy wherever you go.

Experience the magic of BYREDO Bal d’Afrique and join Mikey February on his Juju State of Mind journey. It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss.