CHANEL, the iconic fashion and beauty brand, believes that true beauty goes beyond the surface. In fact, they have embraced a concept known as “integrative beauty” that celebrates the harmony between body, mind, and environment. For Gabrielle Chanel, the founder of the brand, fashion and beauty were more than just trends and products – they were a means of empowering women and cultivating their allure.

At the core of CHANEL’s integrative beauty philosophy is the idea that beauty starts from within. It is a state of mind, a way of presenting oneself to the world that radiates confidence and contentment. CHANEL believes that when a woman’s wellbeing is fulfilled both physically and mentally, her beauty truly shines.

In order to achieve this integrative beauty, CHANEL embraces a culture of minimalism. They understand that true elegance lies in simplicity, and thus their beauty creations are stripped of all unnecessary elements. This allows women to fulfill their desires without being overwhelmed by excess.

CHANEL’s integrative beauty is not just a concept, but a way of life that is guided by expertise and virtue. The brand’s scientists, artisans, and partners are all dedicated to excellence and work together to create beauty products that not only enhance the outer appearance but also contribute to the overall wellbeing of the individual. By harnessing the power of natural ingredients cultivated using virtuous methods, CHANEL builds a connection between its beauty creations and the women who use them.


Source: Institut de France, Archives 1971
Source: CHANEL N1

Gabrielle Chanel, a pioneer ahead of her time, defied conventions to shape a fluid and evolving vision of beauty. Her liberated spirit and relentless creativity birthed a paradigm shift in fashion, freeing women from restrictive norms. At rue Cambon, she forged her path in a male-dominated industry, driven by intuition to craft innovative designs that resonated with a new generation.

Chanel’s holistic approach spanned clothing enabling freedom, groundbreaking fragrances, makeup, and skincare, embedding her vision at the core of women’s daily lives, etching an indelible mark on beauty’s History.


Gabrielle Chanel’s pioneering vision culminated in the iconic N°5 fragrance in 1921, marking the genesis of a beauty revolution. The establishment of Société des Parfums CHANEL in 1924 and the subsequent introduction of makeup in 1924, followed by skincare in 1927, laid the foundation for her all-encompassing approach to beauty.

The Pantin Innovation and Research Centre, established in 1972, evolved into the epicenter of creativity and research for skincare and makeup. This hub, along with four international Centers of Innovation Research and Development, unites over 300 experts who synergize their knowledge and craft. Integrating cutting-edge technology with artisanal methods, they delve into dermatology, statistics, engineering, biology, and more to comprehend the multifaceted aspects of women’s beauty. Pantin is the hub of international research.

Courtesy of CHANEL – Pantin Laboratory
Courtesy of CHANEL – Pantin Laboratory

A collaborative effort among diverse experts—dermatologists, statisticians, engineers, colorists, biologists, phytochemists, botanists, farmers, and beekeepers—drives integrative beauty through their collective knowledge and dedication. Their focus extends beyond skin deep, aiming to grasp the full spectrum of women’s experiences—social, emotional, and cultural—resulting in a vast database housing 60,000 women’s faces worldwide. This ongoing initiative supplements a decade-long exploration into skin and aging, particularly in the promising field of senescence, offering unparalleled insights for comprehensive skin aging management.

By amalgamating expertise from various disciplines, including sensory evaluation and neuroscience studies, CHANEL pioneers holistic formulations that balance science, nature, and luxury. This comprehensive understanding, from raw materials to formulation, enables CHANEL to anticipate and meet women’s diverse needs, ensuring solutions that transcend both physical and psychological dimensions.


Following the creation of the N°5 fragrance and the debut of initial beauty treatments in 1927, Madame Chanel remained dedicated to ensuring top-notch raw material quality. Upholding this legacy of authenticity, the House of CHANEL continues her rigorous standards, harmonizing with the zeitgeist effortlessly.

The essence lies in nature at its purest, indispensable for innovating new beauty forms while honoring and conserving its beauty. CHANEL’s unique approach centers on impeccable plant supply networks housed in open-sky laboratories, cultivating exceptional plants to derive primary active ingredients. These sites serve as vital centers for botanical exploration, cultivating proprietary natural elements that shape the brand’s skincare formulations.

Courtesy of CHANEL
Courtesy of CHANEL
Courtesy of CHANEL

The intricate process of transformation demands expertise at every stage, from terroir to the final product. CHANEL carefully studies raw extracts, crafting them into high-quality active ingredients while respecting nature’s ecosystems. Across 1,000 hectares worldwide, the brand employs integrated and responsible farming methods, ensuring the creation of high-performance, unadulterated active ingredients drawn from plants’ innate powers.

Courtesy of CHANEL – Costa Rica
Courtesy of CHANEL – Southern Alps
Courtesy of CHANEL – Gaujacq
Courtesy of CHANEL – Bhutan
Courtesy of CHANEL – Madagascar

From Camellia japonica ‘Alba Plena’ in Gaujacq to Solidago virgaurea in the Southern French Alps, Vanilla planifolia in Madagascar, Swertia chirata in Bhutan’s Himalayan mountains, and Coffea arabica in Costa Rica’s Nicoya peninsula—these meticulously selected raw materials epitomize integrative beauty, transformed into unique creations by CHANEL’s expert hands.


In a world that is constantly evolving, CHANEL’s integrative beauty adapts and develops alongside it. From the initial idea to the final creation, every step of the process is carefully considered. Knowledge is transformed into know-how, raw materials are transformed into sensual pleasures, and self-care becomes a pathway to wellness for both the body and mind.

To truly understand the essence of CHANEL’s integrative beauty, one must see it as a continuation of Gabrielle Chanel’s holistic vision. It is rooted in the past, connected to the present, and always forward-looking. It embraces the experiences of the past while ensuring that the future brings new innovations and possibilities.

“The face is a mirror where the movements of inner life are reflected: give it plenty of care.”

Gabrielle CHANEL

As CHANEL continues to champion integrative beauty, they invite women from all walks of life to join them on this journey. They believe that beauty is not just about appearance, but about finding balance and harmony in every aspect of life. So, the next time you reach for a CHANEL beauty product, know that you are not only enhancing your external beauty but also embracing a philosophy that empowers you from within.

CHANEL’s integrative beauty is a celebration of individuality, a reflection of the brand’s commitment to serving women and their unique allure. It is a reminder that true beauty knows no boundaries and that it is a fundamental right for every person to feel confident, comfortable, and connected to their environment. Whether it’s through their fashion or beauty offerings, CHANEL is dedicated to providing women with the means to express themselves and embrace their own version of integrative beauty. So, go ahead and indulge in the world of CHANEL, where beauty goes beyond skin deep.

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