Do you experience dry, tight skin during the colder months? We feel you. Dubai’s winter is a European summer; we know this. But as temperatures drop, so do your moisture levels. Whether you plan to ski in Switzerland or lay low in the Middle East, your skin needs a winterized routine. In the long run, dry skin accelerates the ageing process revealing fine lines and wrinkles; and winter-proofing your skin-care regimen is an effective way to combat this.

Introducing the N°1 De Chanel Rich Revitalizing Cream, Chanel’s newest anti-ageing ultra-hydrating wonder. This is the latest release from Chanel’s N°1 De Chanel line of environmentally conscious products, which includes a cleanser, serum, lotion, eye cream, and more.

The key ingredient here is the rare red camellia flower, known to thrive in harsh cold. As the skincare industry shifts more toward the skin’s health, Chanel developed skincare enriched with camellia ceramides to help provide the same resilience to the skin. As ceramides prevent excessive water loss from the skin, they keep it hydrated and plump, enabling it to resist environmental aggressors that can induce ageing signs.

“The red camellia is a fleshy, dense, and radiant flower. Winter never takes it by surprise. It emerges when the weather turns bitterly cold, revealing all its splendor,” notes the luxury House. “The camellia is always a step ahead, working permanently to produce new stems, new branches, new leaves, and when winter comes, new flowers. Therein lies the essence of a plant that can exist and withstand time, even a long time, only by growing and regenerating itself perpetually. The plant that we too often perceive as passive and fragile owing to its fixedness, is in fact fabulously powerful.”

Courtesy of CHANEL

After one month of testing in Canada’s brutal winter, the results were in. Chanel’s study revealed redness in women was reduced by 61 per cent, dryness was reduced by 93 per cent, wrinkles were smoothed by 22 per cent, and the skin appeared more youthful.

Because the N°1 De Chanel Rich Revitalizing Cream boosts skin cells’ vitality, it is ideal for any skin type, especially dry skin. Suppose you are concerned about your skin being too oily or sensitive to seed oils; then Chanel’s N°1 De Chanel Revitalizing Lotion is an excellent choice for a lighter yet equally hydrating product.

To explore the N°1 De Chanel skincare line, click here.

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