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KHAMSA interviews Fatma Ahmadi, an expert at the award-winning Gold Collagen

Collagen is a key part of skincare, with its many benefits appealing to people looking to give their skin the best possible treatment. It works with other substances to provide a great skincare solution, maintaining skin elasticity, moisture, and volume in the best way possible.

KHAMSA had the opportunity to sit down with Fatma Ahmadi, a beauty enthusiast and a skincare expert working at Gold Collagen. Gold Collagen is a well-recognized brand that specializes in collagen supplements. Their acclaimed products are available in over 40 countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

Courtesy of Fatma Ahmadi

Fatma began her professional journey with L’Oréal, where she played a pivotal role in launching one of the largest hair care brands in the region, Garnier Ultra Doux. She later joined the Minerva Research Labs team in London, where she worked on the award-winning Gold Collagen supplement range. Her key contributions to the brand include exceptional marketing strategies and meeting consumer demands by adjusting formulations and packaging to suit specific markets.

KHAMSA quizzed Fatma on all things collagen and skincare. Dive into our session with her, wherein she provides tips on collagen usage, highlights Gold Collagen’s success in the skincare sector, and reveals the brand’s plans and vision for the future.

١. We hear many people talk about a defining moment that made them realize the importance of skincare. What was that moment for you?

My interest in beauty started at a very young age, as I was somewhat a beauty junkie, wanting to try new products every week. My work experience in L’Oréal UAE where I developed most of my skincare, haircare and beauty knowledge working closely with the global teams to develop localized products for the Middle Easter region. I launched one of the biggest haircare brands, Garnier Ultra Doux across the region which still today holds a leading market share in the industry. I later moved back to London where I joined the GOLD COLLAGEN team who are the leading collagen manufacturers with over 13 years of experience. I currently lead on the marketing teams on the UK and International markets.

٢. Is it okay if one starts using collagen from their 30s? What differences arise in this scenario compared to starting in the 20s?

Prevention is a key factor when it comes to anti-ageing. Although the first signs of skin ageing start to appear in the mid or late thirties, by then often the collagen levels in the skin have already dropped to a significant amount that makes it visible to the skin, hair and nails. Fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin, brittle nails or thinning hair are often signs of ageing. Research shows that we lose 1.5% of our skin collagen every year from the age of 25. That makes it important to start skincare at a young age, as prevention can be more powerful than treatment.

٣. How does one pick the right collagen for their skin/skin type? What factors should be considered in making this choice?

Source: Gold Collagen

It is important to pick a supplement that best suits your lifestyle, and you can be consistent with. Collagen supplementation is the same whether your skin is dry, oily, normal or if you have acne. It helps to rebuild the skin collagen blocks overtime for a bouncier and more youthful look.

The liquid form of collagen is usually absorbed best and is digested and enters the blood streams quite easily. Also, it is important to ensure that your supplement does not contain sugars, preservatives, glutens or lactose and other nasties. Any liquid collagen that comes in a plastic vial (instead of a glass bottle) would contain preservatives, which can irritate the stomach.

Gold Collagen liquid supplements are free from sugars, preservatives, gluten, lactose, or colourants making it safe to drink. It also is delicious!

٤. Does using collagen come with any side effects?

If you do not have allergies to any of the ingredients such as fish or soy, you are good to go! We rarely see any side effects from Gold Collagen supplements as they are free from any nasties and contain the highest quality marine collagen, vitamins and minerals.

٥. Sustainable packaging is at the forefront of new-age productions. How is Gold Collagen prioritizing this change?

Gold Collagen takes sustainability seriously. All our bottles are recyclable, and they can be reused. Also, we avoid using plastic in our packaging to avoid polluting our oceans.

Source: Gold Collagen

٦. What key supplement market trends has Gold Collagen observed in the Middle East?

It is no longer just about taking anti-ageing collagen supplements, but the trend is leaning more towards taking health and wellbeing supplements which are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. That’s why Gold Collagen has more than 20 active ingredients in addition to the collagen to ensure it is a wholesome supplement that makes you feel better before it makes you look better!

٧. Who is Gold Collagen’s target audience, and how are you planning to reach them?

The target audience remain primarily women, however we find an interest from our younger audiences now as they are becoming more aware of the importance of prevention and taking care of themselves from the inside out.

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