KHAMSA talks to Noble Panacea CEO Céline Talabaza

Noble Panacea is a high-tech, luxury skincare brand that redefines the concept and impact of skincare. Founded by Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart, their advanced OSMVTM Technology is the global vanguard in skincare with its powerful performance. Through it and other effective practices, the brand aims to allow women a pure expression of self that ultimately makes them feel great in their own skin.

Noble Panacea made its debut in the UAE earlier this year in February. Heading their arrival is CEO Céline Talabaza, a beauty industry professional with fifteen years of experience in brand development and strategy crafting. She made her debut globally at top multinational corporations such as L’Oréal, LVMH, and Unilever, where she led these functions across international markets in Paris, Madrid, New York City, Singapore, and most recently, Zurich

As the brand touches base in the UAE, KHAMSA chats with Céline Talabaza and quizzes her on a variety of topics.

Source: Noble Panacea

١. Noble Panacea aims to empower women to embrace their authentic natural beauty. What is the approach the brand takes with their products to make sure this goal is achieved?

Authentic Natural Beauty is both conceptual and figurative at Noble Panacea. Our founder being a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, we take Science as the ultimate truth and guidance in all our decisions. The ageing process of the skin can be supported, providing what is needed for optimal skin health. In that sense, our technology, the OSMVTM is the biggest differentiator in preserving the authentic beauty as it increases the efficacy of the skincare product by 10 times compared to non-OSMVTM products. We also have a very long list of ingredients we exclude from our products in order to protect the natural beauty of the skin. 

As a beauty brand, we also have the responsibility on how we portray beauty, and we have created a platform to make sure beauty can be expressed in a way that’s much deeper than the skin surface. We have launched ‘Think Beautifully’ series podcast, where we unfold important topics with powerful voices such as Jodie Comer, Maye Musk, (and) Christy Turlington. 

Ultimately your thoughts will reflect on how healthy you look, the tagline of the brand is ‘Think Beautifully’, the merge between the mind, the science and the beauty.

٢. As CEO of Noble Panacea, how does the ever-evolving nature of the beauty and skincare industry influence your vision for the future?

I love to surround myself with people from diverse backgrounds, culture, (and) expertise, as it is where I get my inspiration. In addition, we also have a very passionate and talented team who spend an enormous amount of time in conducting research about the best and most optimized solution to specific skin conditions. In everything we do, we ultimately go back to the power of the Science and Chemistry and how we can defy pre-established law thanks to our evolving technology.

For example, as we know, oil and water are not friends, so it is not ideal to mix the two in your skincare. However, at Noble Panacea, we did not only challenge that problem, but also came up with a unique solution. The result was Noble Panacea’s face oils that were recently launched – the face oils can host water-soluble ingredients thanks to the OSMV’s encapsulation, therefore delivering deep hydration during the whole day, which was not possible before.

٣. Noble Panacea prides itself on being a high-tech luxury skincare brand, with the detailed usage of scientific innovations like OSMVTM Technology separating it from other competitors. Could you highlight what aspects and key factors are considered while fine-tuning this technology over time?

Noble Panacea is the only skincare brand that is founded by a Nobel Laureate, Sir Fraser Stoddart, who was awarded The Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2016 for his work on molecular machines. We are basically the fruit of a long and sophisticated fundamental research. Chemistry is what is truly needed when creating an efficacious formula. Hence, we pride ourselves as a high-tech luxury skincare brand that focuses on science and technology and deliver a collection of products that really work.

All of our products use his revolutionary discovery, the Organic Super Molecular VesselTM (OSMVTM) technology. It is an innovative delivery system, an encapsulation of active ingredients which have been proven to increase the potency of your normal skincare (non-OSMVTM) by tenfold. These tiny houses hosting the actives protect them against cross interaction, making them travel further into the skin and releasing them in a precise and programmed pattern. This is what you will find in all our NP creations, clean and safe formulas that are the most hard-working in the market. Our skincare development prioritises the scientific method, ensuring credibility and reliability. We only incorporate active ingredients that have been proven and verified.

The effectiveness of our products is carefully assessed and endorsed by clinicals, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists. The scientists and researchers at our laboratory in California are the only ones in the world to be able to manipulate OSMVTM and we have a very sophisticated testing process which ensures unprecedented accuracy when it comes to make sure the formula is being loaded and preprogrammed correctly. Precision is the foundation of the brand, ensuring exactitude at both molecular and formula level. The process and technology are nothing compared to I have seen so far, but the thing I am the most proud of are the skin results and noticeable improvements we see on our clients.

Source: Noble Panacea

٤. With sustainability becoming more important than ever, how is Noble Panacea contributing to the green cause?

Being a player in the beauty industry implies you are having a responsibility both on how you portray beauty and how you produce beauty. Noble Panacea is making no compromise when it comes to making a choice that will serve sustainability. We take pride in our sustainable packaging, including our infinitely refillable starch-based box that is plastic-free and all our packaging is 100% recyclable, including our tertiary packaging made from FSC-Certified paper that comes from well-managed forests. To ensure formula integrity, the formula must sit in our Active Daily Doses. We are committed to sustainability without compromising the efficacy of our products, all our daily doses are collected from different parts of the world and delivered to our recycling partner.

٥. Noble Panacea made its debut in the UAE this February. Could you shed some light on this market and its various traits, and how the brand has been adapting to it since the launch?

The Middle East is historically the cradle of culture and education, and this is one of the key pillars of Noble Panacea. I do believe the calibre of Sir Fraser Stoddart’s multiple recognitions will resonate with the highly knowledgeable individuals in the region. 

Since our launch in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York, we have seen strong interest amongst middle eastern clients purchasing Noble Panacea from our website and brand enthusiasts coming back to our counter in Harrods in London. The level of exigence in the UAE, the understanding and desire to merge luxury with high-tech, and the defying economic growth, make it a perfect fit for Noble Panacea to introduce our super performant lines.

We have chosen local partners, Bloomingdales and, who understand luxury and curate their portfolio with great attention. Bloomingdales will be providing personalized skin consultations and facial treatments, which is a strong demand for us. We have just extended our distribution to Harvey Nichols this month of November, and we are very happy with the engagement so far.

٦. You host Noble Panacea’s ‘Think Beautifully’ series, which provides empowering conversations every episode. How was this idea conceptualized, and what traits do you look for in the guests you host?

I really wanted to provide content of interest to debunk the idea that beauty is superficial and tap onto the value of mentorship so dear to Sir Fraser. Noble Panacea sheds light onto inspiring voices to touch topics of fundamental importance, such as education, for instance. Our clientele is in demand of intelligent content and empowering conversations. I had the honour to engage in conversations with a league of extraordinary women, and there is more to come. I always look for optimizers (and) individuals who lead by example, and transformative, surprising, daring voices who I personally admire.

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