Unveiling radiance, one cleanse at a time.

Shu Uemura, a definitive pioneer in makeup artistry for decades, conveys a uniquely Japanese sensitivity towards beauty, attention to detail, and respect for nature. This develops the brand into a global presence, resulting in Mr. Shu Uemura’s unwavering passion as a beauty innovator.

To achieve perfection in his products, Mr. Uemura believes in two central elements – a frontier spirit and a high order of craftsmanship. All Shu Uemura products boast an unprecedented pioneering spirit and a craftsman’s persistence.

Image courtesy Shu Uemura

During his time as a makeup artist in Hollywood in the late 1950s, Mr. Uemura realized that cleansing was the most important step for beautiful skin. He studied actresses’ skin and noticed that the key to creating beautiful makeup products was indeed beautiful skin, which became the philosophy for the eventual Shu Uemura brand. With actresses sharing their beauty secrets with the master of beauty, Mr. Uemura became the first to introduce a unique cleansing oil called “unmask” to Japan in 1967, a time when specialized oil cleansers did not exist.

Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil combines carefully selected molecules which quickly spread across the surface of the skin and into pores, trapping oil-soluble impurities and makeup. When in contact with water, the oil transforms into a rich milky liquid, capturing both makeup and water-soluble impurities and removing them thoroughly in a single wash without placing any burden on skin. Formulated with a wide range of botanical extracts that possess gentle yet powerful skin-care effects, Shu Uemura’s cleansing oils help awaken skin’s innate ability to shine and condition skin every time you cleanse, while also protecting from dryness.

The brand’s cleanser collection now includes four additional formulas designed to address a variety of skin problems, like sensitive skin, skin fatigue from external stress and pollution, UV-induced dullness, oiliness, and enlarged pores.

Shu Uemura Advanced Ultime8∞ Sublime Tsubaki Cleansing Oil

Image courtesy Shu Uemura

Mindfully crafted in Japan, the Shu Uemura Advanced Ultime8∞ Sublime Tsubaki Beauty Cleansing Oil is the brand’s first nutritive cleansing oil. This luxurious makeup remover is not just a cleanser, but also a face cleanser, makeup remover and massage oil. It removes impurities and makeup, including long-lasting foundation, lip makeup, waterproof and smudge proof eye makeup. Indeed, Ultime8∞ is for all skin concerns, also available in two additional formulas: richly dense & creamy foam and a smooth velvety balm.

This product is infused with ancestral first-pressed tsubaki oil that is sustainably sourced from Toshima island. Apart from the seeds that have been the key ingredient for many years, the petal extract is infused for improved skin resilience and skin regeneration. By formulating with the aforementioned tsubaki totum seed and petals, waste deriving from the leftover petals is significantly reduced. In one drop, 3 billion of Ω nutrients act on the skin for, resulting in a phenomenal 136% increase in skin resilience and a 64% increase in skin regeneration. The Shu Uemura laboratory also discovered that tsubaki oil supports the skin barrier function and boasts excellent skin strengthening properties.

Shu Uemura’s Advanced Ultime8∞ Sublime Tsubaki Cleansing Oil isn’t just a product – it’s a journey to radiant skin, one transformative step at a time. For more information, visit here.

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