Discovering the most sought-after lip makeup trends this year

Vivid or glossy, lipstick remains a go-to for enhancing one’s look. A single sweep of vibrant colour can empower us to face any challenge. The beauty market offers an extensive range of shades, designs, and textures, ensuring there’s a perfect lipstick for every individual and occasion. Despite the vast choices, certain shades and colours consistently gain popularity in the beauty industry in the form of lip makeup trends. Said trends evolve rapidly, introducing new and exciting developments to classics in lip makeup.

In 2023, one can anticipate a fusion of timeless and daring trends that are poised to create lasting impressions. In essence, the lip makeup trends forecasted for the year encourage exploration with diverse colours, textures, and finishes. Regardless of whether you lean towards a timeless aesthetic or prefer embracing a more adventurous and bold style, there’s a trend tailored to suit every aesthetic. Embrace the opportunity to experiment with something fresh and enjoy the creative process of expressing yourself through your lip makeup!

١. Bold Lipliner

It seems oddly familiar, like a flashback to the past. The reminiscence is vivid—burgundy or dark brown hues for lip pencils blended with a touch of gloss or lipstick, with shades a couple of tones lighter and precisely applied in the centre. This resurrected lip makeup trend has received validation from the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Addison Ray.

٢. Glossy Lips

Shiny lips have made a significant return, and we are captivated by the full and inviting appearance they provide. Lip gloss adds a visually plump and kissable effect, eliminating the need for intricate contouring, and seamlessly complements any makeup look – which is why our admiration for lip gloss is unwavering. With a diverse range of gloss types available, you can effortlessly discover one that perfectly suits your style.

٣. Dark Shades

In 2023, dark shades are staging a major comeback, and the striking, adventurous appearance they offer is garnering widespread admiration. Ranging from profound purples and plums to rich dark berries and reds, these shades are ideal for individuals aiming to make a bold statement with their lip makeup. The diverse array of shades available ensures that you can effortlessly discover one that suits your style.

٤. Kissed Lips

The newest trend in lip makeup, inspired by Asian beauty trends and now trending on TikTok, invites you to experiment. Create the look by blending various vibrant lipstick shades or achieving a gradient effect with a single tint. Optimal application involves using your finger with gentle patting motions.

٥. Matte Lips

Choosing a matte lip colour is ideal for achieving the ‘no-makeup’ look, offering both an edgier vibe and ease of application compared to other lip shades. This trend complements every outfit and gives you the desired intensity for your lip colour.

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