The TikTok sensation shares aspirations, upcoming ventures, and his ongoing BOSS partnership.

Known for his amusing social media content, Khaby Lame has captivated millions of followers worldwide – particularly on TikTok. Additionally, he has caught the attention of brands like BOSS. Over the past two years, the Senegalese-Italian sensation has partnered with BOSS to create a limited edition capsule, be the spokesperson for the global relaunch and join the Russel Athletic x BOSS fashion show in 2021.

A stellar lineup of changemakers also accompanies Lame for BOSS’ FW23, including Naomi Campbell, Maluma, Lee Minho, Gigi Hadid, Matteo Berrettini, and Alica Schmidt.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Lame to learn more about his aspirations, upcoming ventures, and his ongoing BOSS partnership. Read the full interview below.

١. As a Boss ambassador, how does it feel to be associated? What are the common values that you share with Boss?

BOSS believes in those who pursue their dreams with courage and conviction, in those who define their own path and in those who have an unstoppable joy of living. For me, BOSS is not just my first brand; it’s much more. I care a lot about them because they were the first to believe in me.

٢. How did the collaboration with Boss come about? What led to this exciting partnership?

BOSS is an iconic brand, and since its relaunch in January 2022, they’ve done great things to attract the interest of younger generations through capsule collections, new ambassadors and spectacular events. They were the first fashion brand I worked with, and I am proud to represent it. When they asked me to become their ambassador right after the fashion show in collaboration with Russel Athletic, I didn’t think a second before saying yes.

٣. I’ve read that you aspire to explore filmmaking in the future. Could you share what kind of films you would like to create? Is anything planned for the near future?

I want to be an actor like Will Smith. He started with comedy, then made more dramatic movies and played the roles of big heroes. He’s done all sorts of films, he’s a great actor and I would like to be like him. My passion for acting started with him, watching him in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. Watching that show, I realized that I also wanted to make people laugh like Will Smith.

In the short term, I will improve my English and attend acting classes. In the long term, my dream is to shoot a movie with Will Smith, who is my idol.

٤. Are there any other passions or hobbies that you enjoy and people might not be aware of?

I love watching anime. I’m a real fan. Also, making films has always been my dream; I would like to become a comic actor! I’ve always liked making people laugh, entertaining them. Then, like all actors or aspiring actors, it would be my dream to win an Oscar.

٥. Your content has a universal appeal mainly due to its ability to transcend language barriers. How significant is humour in bringing people together?

I think my audience comes from all over the world. People love my expressions, the way I make them laugh; apart from my signature gesture, we invented a new thing. The funniest part of my content is the silence. Silent comedy speaks a language that everybody in the world can understand.

٦. You seem to be in an uplifted mood consistently. How do you maintain and carry that positive energy in your daily life?

I used to live in public housing and work as a bricklayer during the day and dishwasher at night. But today, thanks to my work, I can help my family and lifelong friends, give to charity and support those in need.

I am a simple person full of passion who believes in his dreams. I will not stop until I reach them. I also always entertain the people around me, my friends, and my team with jokes of all kinds.

٧. Being an online personality, do you ever experience internet fatigue or feel overwhelmed by the digital world? How do you manage or cope with it?

Every day, I wake up doing what I love: Making people laugh. A passion that will never really be a job for me. I did not start this career with the intention of becoming rich or famous. I have just followed my heart and my vision. For this reason, I am grateful for my path.

It still feels incredible to have the opportunity to collaborate with the people I have always followed and admired, like Del Piero, Ibrahimović, and Usain Bolt. In all these meetings, I have just tried to live in the moment, always. But even now, if I look back, I can’t believe it.

٨. Your most notable content is mocking life hacks. Do you personally have one that you swear by?

I am always myself, and I stay true to myself.

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