The Bally Foundation Finds Its Permanent Home at Villa Heleneum in Lake Lugano

Earlier this year, the Bally Foundation unveiled its new headquarters at Villa Heleneum in Lugano, marking an important milestone in its development. After 17 years, the foundation now has a permanent home in a mesmerising location on Lake Lugano. Founded in 2006, Bally Foundation promotes art and culture while emphasising innovative ideas, support for creativity, and environmental concerns dear to Bally.

Villa Heleneum’s inauguration is marked by an exhibition titled Un Lac Inconnu (An Unknown Lake), which will remain open until September 24th, 2023. This exhibition pays homage to the villa, focusing on the lake’s mystical beauty. Featuring the works of over 20 international artists, Villa Heleneum aims to bridge the worlds of luxury fashion and art. Nicolas Girotto, CEO of Bally, envisions the villa as a venue that facilitates a dynamic exchange between the brand and the artistic community.

With over twenty international artists, Un Lac Inconnu offers a poetic and philosophical journey between submerged and emergent landscapes. It’s an attempt to make sense of the water that passes through our fingers and yet traces a furrow—a proposal to connect with oneself and the world.

Villa Heleneum, built between 1930 and 1934 on the former site of Villa Caréol, is an emblematic place in Lugano that has hosted various arts, research, and outreach activities over its history. In keeping with the original ambitions of the Villa Heleneum founder, Hélène Bieber, dance, music, the arts, and science have been intertwined since Villa Heleneum’s establishment. The Bally Foundation aims to carry out Hélène Bieber’s vision of creating an arts and culture space for the villa.

The Bally Foundation aims to foster diversity and push the boundaries of various disciplines by hosting two exhibitions annually, offering residencies to curators and artists worldwide, and presenting an impressive cultural program. A major objective of the foundation is to challenge conventional artistic norms and unearth new approaches.

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