Shot in Dubai, UAE, the new Calvin Klein campaign aims to celebrate the personal stories of those who are empowering future generations with innovation and inclusivity. The campaign features the cast dressed in Calvin Klein Jeans, emphasizing the diversity of the Middle Eastern diaspora and tapping into the region’s booming artistic scene. Calvin Klein’s distinctive lens captured three stars from the region: Lana Albeik, Mohammed Alahbabi, and Hala Abdullah.

Hala Abdullah — Multidisciplinary Influencer @thehala

The sophisticated Saudi fashion and beauty influencer, believes that we all have a purpose in life. Her belief that we’re all born to contribute to humanity is what continues to motivate her, even in uncertain times. A passionate advocate for women’s rights, Hala challenges the notion of “empowerment” for women who are inherently strong.

“I feel like we use the word ‘empowerment’ so much, and especially ‘female empowerment.’ We don’t need that because we are powerful. It feels like they’re trying to tell us, you’re not powerful, so we’re trying to empower you, with all these campaigns about empowering women. I feel like they should change the word to something else.”

Mohammed Alahbabi — Visual Artist @moalhababi

The Emirati content creator and digital influencer presents his daily life and style through a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic. As an aspiring filmmaker,, Mohammed loves expressing himself through various creative mediums, including painting and writing, and shares his creativity with those he holds dear. Rather than worrying about the future, Mohammed focuses on the present moment, relying on feelings of faith, hope, and happiness to keep him optimistic.

“I really enjoy being creative with my family members, because it’s like a free comfortable zone that I have and they make it so special. You’re sharing your interest and at the same time, you’re creating joyful moments with them.”

Lana Albeik — Model @lana_.jpg

The Dubai-based Palestinian-Syrian model blends her passions for storytelling, Middle Eastern history, and modeling to tell the stories of her people. Lana believes that having a significant presence in the constantly evolving digital world can create a better future. She emphasizes the importance of showing the world the truest version of oneself, as that ultimately matters the most.

“I think being part of a community that creates and is present in the digital world allows us to have the starting flame for change.”

You can now shop the Calvin Klein Jeans styles in any store across the region.

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