The Dubai-based brand, OSCAR KRAYE, launches its debut collections with a promise of pushing the region’s fashion the boundaries. By blending unconventional and modern elements, the brand exudes mystique thorugh all of its designs. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a bold leather jacket or radiate sophistication with a show-stopping couture gown, OSCAR KRAYE has something for everyone.

Born in Lebanon and based in Dubai, Oscar Kraye has always been fascinated by fashion. He honed his skills by studying fashion at ESMOD, and then founded his eponymous brand with a mission to push the boundaries within the region.

Kraye showcased his collections at Dubai Fashion Week last fall, proving himself to be one of the many designers contributing to the region’s fashion zeitgeist.

Every collection I create is an elaborate form of self-expression, instead of words my medium is shapes, materials, and technique.

OSCAR KRAYE is all about celebrating boldness and mystery. My hopes are that my brand can inspire individuals to embrace their unapologetic selves and express themselves.

founder and designer, Oscar Kraye

Experience elegance and edge in a bold and unforgettable way. The debut collections are currenlty available at

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