The retailer is launching three limited-edition vinyls in collaboration with 12on12, Nas, and Futura.

Bringing together art, music, and cultural expression, this partnership celebrates Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary and the genre’s rich history and global influence. In honour of Mcing, Graffiti Art and Turntablism, FARFETCH Beat 010 uses the highly coveted medium of vinyl records, which was instrumental in the movement’s early days.

In addition to an original piece of art, the partnership includes three vinyl drops, including a limited set of twelve prints hand-finished by Futura and co-signed by Nas, as well as a limited edition of 20 vinyl records.

As part of this collaboration, two legends and long-term pillars of the community come together– Nas, one of the most iconic figures in rap, and Futura, whose practice was first developed in the New York City graffiti movement during the 1970s and who has worked alongside Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf.

Featuring 12 of Hip Hop’s most influential tracks over the past five decades, Nas has curated an exclusive 12on12 vinyl collection for Beat 010. These tracks influenced Nas and shaped the genre’s trajectory as a whole. As a rapper whose influence is woven into Hip Hop’s fabric, Futura lent artistic direction to this Beat 010 that radiates authenticity and relevance.

“In celebration of the now 50th year of ‘HIP HOP’ I am excited to participate with Nas in the release of this ’12 on 12′; a compilation of selected tracks from the history of this movement,” shares Futura. “The cover artwork and handstyles are a nod to my past and a reflection of the future.” 

Beat 010 is exclusively available online at and in-store at Stadium Goods starting today, August 23.