The second-generation supermodel is the face of reimagined formality.

It’s been a significant resurgence for 1990s supermodels in advertising, and Valentino has been keeping up. Second-generation supermodel Kaia Gerber stars in the Italian fashion House’s new Black Tie campaign shot at Oheka Castle in New York City.

With a black-and-white lens, Steven Meisel captured this campaign with a vintage feel. Valentino’s Black Tie collection portrays rule-breakers as rebels with an eye for uniqueness. Gerber confidently radiates masculinity and femininity through cropped suits, ruffled shirt dresses, and slim neckties.

As a symbol of Pierpaolo Piccioli’s rebellion against traditional fashion codes, the black tie, an essential accessory to the Italian house, is stripped of its masculine identity and placed on Gerber. As a status symbol, the tie is elegant and powerful with a feminine edge.

Valentino’s roses and studs are hidden throughout, blooming across mini skirts paired with floor-length coats and blood-red shirting. As she sits against wooden desks in angular dresses with exposed collars, Gerber displays her natural beauty.