As Matthieu Blazy’s era at Bottega Veneta continues to delight us, it introduces us to the newest bag offering an evolution of the brand’s signature intrecciato pattern. Inspired by “the sensation of movement,” the Andiamo ( translating to “let’s go” in Italian) ties together style and functionality reminiscent of the spirit of travel. Throughout his tenure at the Italian luxury house, Blazy has maintained Bottega Veneta’s traditional values while appealing to a younger generation, and the Andiamo is woven-proof.

The combination of soft leather, intricately braided straps, and the gilded metal knot create a luxurious look while maintaining a sense of practicality. The straps also provide comfort and security when wearing the bag, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Shrunken bags have had big wins over the years, but the sights on the streets (and the Spring runways) hint that oversized bags are returning. Overpackers and Olsen Twin enthusiasts rejoice; the time has come.

Running around from one meeting to another? Hopping on a plane? Andiamo is a companion you won’t regret having.

In addition to small, medium and large sizes, the new Andiamo comes in seven colorways: Glacier, Fondant, Barolo, Travertine, Inkwell, Ice Cream and White.

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