Samuel L. Jackson talks exclusively to MR PORTER’s magazine, The Journal, about his remarkable career and memorable performances, diving into the highlights of his journey as an actor. During the filmmaking process of Pulp Fiction and his collaboration with Bruce Willis on Die Hard, Jackson recalls Willis saying that Pulp Fiction would make him famous; however, Die Hard “is going to change your life.”

Additionally, Jackson discusses his highly anticipated return as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion, which resides within the vast Marvel Universe.

Here are some of the interview highlights.

On selecting acting roles: “I pick movies that I like, or movies that I would have gone to see when I was a kid – that’s one of the criteria I use sometimes when I’m choosing a movie. I ended up in all these great franchise films, which propelled me into more people’s psyches than, I guess, if I had done a whole bunch
of indie films, little bitty films.”

On not seeking approval or, really, direction, from directors: “I generally end up telling most directors, ‘I’ve seen this movie already and my character is not doing what you want him to do.’”

On his role as an actor: “I don’t need to be in the most serious movie that’s being made. I just want to be in the movie that I had the most fun making and that, I hope, people want to see. I’m not trying to change their lives. I’m just trying to make them happy. I’m trying to make them forget what’s going on in their life today and sit there and watch me.”

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Story by: Ms Lauren Larson

Images by: Mr Sharif Hamza

Styling by Mr Andrew Vottero