Quiet Luxury

Understanding the quiet luxury idea through the eyes of Etika Jewels

In the ever-changing fashion world, the idea of ‘quiet luxury’ is no longer just a trend, but an actively developing shift in society. Consumers now prefer understated elegance and meaningful fashion choices, and this shift aligns with Etika Jewels’ values.

According to British Vogue, ‘quiet luxury’ means wearing a luxurious coat with vintage jeans, displaying preference for simplicity, long-lasting quality, and letting your unique style stand out. However, it’s not just about aesthetics; this transformation also reflects how values are changing because of economic shifts, and how there is a focus on being more sustainable.

Alongside ‘quiet luxury,’ words like ‘stealth wealth’ have become popular. Experts like Lorna Hall from WGSN say society is changing to prefer simple and sustainable choices. Even though ‘quiet luxury’ doesn’t make itself about sustainability, its emphasis on quality and simplicity goes against the wastefulness of fast fashion. Furthermore, brands like Mila Vert, Gabriela Hearst, Stella McCartney, and Etika Jewels are connecting ‘quiet luxury’ with eco-friendly fashion. They highlight the environmental benefits of buying durable, classic items that don’t go out of style and become cherished parts of our lives.

The Green Side of Quiet Luxury

Consumers have taken to the internet to talk about ‘quiet luxury.’ Indeed, it’s getting a lot of attention, with 38.5 billion views on TikTok and a 614% increase in searches on Google Trends every year. TV shows like ‘Succession’ are making it even more popular by showing how appealing subtle richness can be.

But ‘quiet luxury’ isn’t just about fashion; it’s also about ethical choices. For example, more people are buying lab-grown diamonds because they’re worried about how regular diamonds are mined and the harm it does to the environment. A study by Nielsen, a market research organization, found that 73% of millennials are ready to spend extra money on products that are sustainably sourced, and 81% want brands to be open about how they’re being more sustainable.

Source: Etaki Jewels

According to Allied Market Research, lab-grown diamonds are becoming really popular. They were worth $22.3 billion in 2021, and according to experts, they’ll be worth $55.6 billion by 2031. Renowned analyst Paul Zimnisky says that in 2022, lab-grown diamonds made $12 billion in sales, growing by 38% each year, and in 2023, they’ve already made $14.6 billion in sales. These diamonds are sustainable, ethical, and good quality. Young consumers like millennials and Gen Z prefer this option for their occasions, especially for engagement rings, displaying preference for responsible luxury rather than just its outwardly aesthetic.

Basically, as ‘quiet luxury’ gets more popular, its connection to being eco-friendly is clearer. Now more than ever, it’s important to tell genuine sustainability from greenwashing. Consumers are increasingly combining their love for luxury with their care for environmental ethics. The fashion industry is definitely moving towards being more responsible and luxurious at the same time.

Etika Jewels believes in and supports the idea of sustainable luxury. The establishment produces jewellery that aims to maintain aesthetic and durability. They only use eco-friendly, conflict-free, lab-grown diamonds that are of the best quality, with many of their pieces designed together with their customers, representing commitment to slow fashion and thoughtful luxury. When wearing an Etika jewel, you’re helping take care of both people and the Earth, and together creating a better, more sustainable future through the beauty of responsible luxury.

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