“They are colors that do not hide. They are colors that reveal, that enhance. That make contrasts more distinct”

On June 21st, and as summer unfolds, CHANEL unveils their enchanting “Codes Couleur”, a new beauty range that introduces exquisite nail files, nail polishes, mirrors, and brushes sets, all adorned in vibrant hues. It’s an irresistible collection that gives you the desire to possess every piece, exuding a blend of playfulness and timeless elegance, true to the spirit of the Maison CHANEL.

Courtesy of CHANEL – Nail files

CHANEL introduces a selection of four exclusive nail polish shades, little treasures exclusively available on their website. This vibrant assortment serves as a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to innovation and boundless creativity.

For those yearning to express their unique individuality through striking manicures that radiate life and vibrancy, it’s their time to shine. The colors are Incendiaire 147 (A Red Orange), Fugueuse 127 (A Deep Blue), Ballerina 111 (A Light Pink), and Immortelle 135 (A Lilac).

CHANEL also unveils yet another stroke of brilliance: mirrors and bruh sets in the captivating shades of their exclusive nail polishes and files. Offering clients a harmonious union of style and functionality and creating an oh-so-perfect ensemble, elevating ladies around the globe’s summer beauty game to new heights.

Image Courtesy of CHANEL

For the epitome of coolness, get the full collection on chanel.com

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