An overview of the AW23 Couture Collection.

Georges Hobeika, the fashion house designed by the talented father and son duo Georges and Jad Hobeika, charmed the audience with their Couture AW23 collection, showcased yesterday at Paris Couture Week. Taking on the theme of “A Dream,” the collection effortlessly embodied delicacy throughout all of its designs, whether it was embroidered tulle dresses or voluminous coats and two pieces.

The collection also featured puffed-up coats and sleeves, which gave the presentation a cloud-like atmosphere, adding to the dream appeal. Georges Hobeika skillfully portrays the female form with a balance between revealing and covering the skin between each look. The AW23 couture collection exhibits an enticing balance between transparency and modesty – depicting a sensual woman in a subtle and elegant manner.

As for the men’s look, there was a delicate, sleek aesthetic that harmoniously complemented the women’s ensembles yet maintained a distinct separation.

As a whole, the collection conveys the dreamy ambience of an enchanting soirée – similar to the idyllic settings of Taylor Swift’s songs (a compliment). In every collection, Georges and Jad Hobeika invite us into a world where elegance dances with imagination. And while they bring different interpretations of ethereal elements and their signature silhouettes, they maintain a consistent style.

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