Hermès Tressages Equestres

The Hermès Tressages Équestres tableware collection is a celebration of heritage and craft

The Hermès Tressages Équestres tableware collection is not just a set of plates and bowls; it’s a tapestry woven from the rich heritage and meticulous craftsmanship that define the Parisian luxury house. Each intertwined cotton and leather threads bear the imprint of Hermès, not only in the artisan’s hand but also in the horse, the rider and the ties that bind them.

Source: Hermès

The collection “Tressages Équestres,” was inspired by the passementerie and braiding used in the harness-making that lies at the house’s very origins. This dinner service, designed under the artistic direction of Benoit Pierre Emery, creative director of La Table Hermès, offers a subtle mix of figurative and abstract representations. The 27 pieces, including ten new hollow-ware pieces, are designed to complement cuisines from all over the world. The omnipresent kaolin white of the porcelain is a perfect showcase for Virginie Jamin’s designs.

Jamin’s artistry is fine or dense, but always precise – give volume to the textures they illustrate. The vibrant colour palette is a captivating array of zesty lemon and refreshing mint, with petrol blue and the earthy tones of fibres and leather. Each individual plate, bowl, and serving is a tale of tradition and innovation, offering endless possibilities for table settings. It’s an investment and celebration of artisanal skill, and a connection to the rich heritage of Hermès.

Hermés Tressages Équestres
Source: Hermès

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