Where Italian craftsmanship takes center stage.

As Silvia Venturini Fendi turned her attention inward, she found creative fuel in her workspace, presenting Fendi SS24 within the factory’s walls, honouring the artisans who make the pieces happen. Italian brands always pride themselves on domestic manufacturing skills, and Fendi was no exception. Fendi’s restrained aesthetic depicts subtle nods to craftsmanship through tailored marks, measuring tapes, and pliers while adding a touch of whimsy.

Due to this interplay between tailoring nuances, Fendi’s garments exude approachability and charm. The brand harmoniously bridges the gap between fashion enthusiasts and designers, creating pieces that resonate with both. The SS24 collection of Fendi stands as an invitation to appreciate the intricacy of fashion in spite of how frivolous it may appear to the general public.

As the models pace the runway, diligent workers toil in the background, illustrating a striking contrast between their speed and slowness. It reveals the profound dedication and artistry woven into each garment—an enchanting juxtaposition of simplicity and meticulousness.

As the sonic backdrop reverberated with techno beats, robotic precision resonated throughout the show. Fendi SS24 merges man with machine, alluding to individuals as graceful automatons. Paradoxically, this fusion of human and mechanical elements breathes life into the presentation, adding an unexpected layer of humanity to the experience.

Fendi invites us to revel in their artistry—where effort transforms into effortlessness, and precision reveals the very essence of humanity. It’s an ode to the hidden complexities concealed beneath the surface.

Rand Al-Hadethi is an art, culture, and fashion writer who approaches all her creative endeavours with a penchant for storytelling. She explores the intersection of fashion, culture, and society and sheds light on talent and cultural movements across the Middle East and the world. Rand also publishes a bi-monthly themed substack newsletter called WebWeaver™. To reach Rand, email her at rand@khamsa5.com or follow her on social media @rundoozz.