With the upsurge in fashion collaborations, it seems every brand is partnering with another. The market has been saturated, whether it’s Jacquemus x Nike, Gucci x Adidas, H&M x Mugler or Balenciaga x Gucci. Furthermore, houses such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Louis Vuitton hosting guest designers add another layer to this concept. But amidst this fashion jungle, the Dua Lipa x Versace collaboration finds a smooth landing.

At first glance, one might argue that some of the looks within this collection lean towards gaudiness, regardless of the occasion at hand. However, they find harmony within the context of Donatella’s vibrant world and Dua’s bold personality. It’s worth noting that Dua Lipa has always made memorable appearances in Versace outfits, making this collaboration a natural progression for both parties.

Throughout the years, Donatella has collaborated with pop artists who have inspired the Italian fashion house, including Prince, Madonna, and Elton John. Throughout her career, you can feel the loud, electrifying style of music in her designs. When asked what type of music she listens to while designing, Donatella told Vogue in 2009, “I always listen to very, very loud music!”

Versace’s recent collections seem to blend together while having limited distinctive elements that set them apart. Likewise, this collaboration feels like a remix, drawing inspiration from Dua’s Future Nostalgia tour and Barbie’s upcoming movie. Despite this, the collection has delightful commercial potential, even if I would’ve liked to see something more unique.

The show’s location in Cannes, set against a brilliant blue sky and glamorous ambience, enhances the collection’s charisma. Although Dua Lipa’s Versace designs may not be groundbreaking, they undeniably convey a sense of fun and avoid appearing costumey. It seems that this collection did not strive to be anything other than that — a playful celebration of the pop star and the inner pop star within us all.

Versace made the collection immediately available online and in-store following the show.

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