Dior signs the invisible with D-Air.

The olfactory know-how and excellence of La Collection Privée Christian Dior, along with the technological expertise of French company Compoz Paris, come together to create a unique object: D-Air. It is a design marvel that revolutionizes the evergreen art of home fragrance.

Source: Dior

The art of perfuming one’s indoor space is an unparalleled ritual. As such, graced with a unique diffusion system, D-Air possesses a patented dry air diffusion technology, free from olfactory pollution, that respects the environment and health. This unprecedented technological object counts with an intelligent, programmable connected interface, which allows for an immersive diffusion that leaves no residual odour once the machine is unplugged.

New fragrant moments

Source: Dior

As beautiful as it is visionary, the D-Air diffuser offers five signature fragrances among the leading scents of La Collection Privée Christian Dior. For myriad moments of exceptional olfactory ambiance, Ambre Nuit, Thé Osmanthus, Figue Méditerranée, Jardin d’Orangers and Oud Supreme are the five proposed scents, to alternate according to one’s mood, season, and situation.

A unique design style, an ingenious refill system and adjustable olfactory diffusion make it a one-of-a-kind fragrant object that is made in France and resolutely Dior.

Dior x Compoz Paris

Source: Dior

Driven by the shared desire to create an object as luxurious as it is unique, the encounter between La Collection Privée and French company Compoz Paris, was a natural development. Winners of the LVMH VivaTech prize, recognized in the French tech field as well as worldwide, Compoz Paris is one of the foremost young French companies, now linked to the house of Dior via an exclusive partnership. Acclaimed for their technological excellence as well as their signature French craftsmanship, Compoz Paris also shares with La Collection Privée Christian Dior the passion for the most precious natural origin raw materials.

A true manifesto for beauty, know-how and French craftsmanship, D-Air is an exceptional new technological object marked by the luxurious and streamlined style of its contrasting lines. This audaciously designed object is adorned with the iconic Christian Dior band in leather, which is made in France.

Dior x Compoz Paris is available exclusively at the following Dior boutiques: 30 Montaigne, Champs Élysées, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, Le Bon Marché (Paris, France), Harrods (London, United Kingdom), Piazza di Spagna (Rome, Italy) and the Dioriviera pop-up at Via Caramelle (Capri, Italy). It is also available at La Collection Privée Christian Dior sales points and dior.com.

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