Who could have expected that the Luxury French fashion house, Dior, would ever show a collection in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza? Not many, for sure. Fashion brands are increasingly traveling the world and designing shows in incredible venues and cities – and it seems like Egypt’s Wonder of the World was a perfect destination for a visionary brand like Dior.

© Dior Men Pre-Fall 2023 – “Dior Tears”

On December 3rd, Dior Men’s Pre-Fall 2023 introduced “Dior Tears” – a collaboration between the House and Tremaine Emory, the creative genius behind Supreme and Denim Tears. Emory guest-designed the collection alongside Dior Men artistic director, Kim Jones, offering a collection to “celebrate the inventiveness of the house of Dior and the strength of its creative dialogues.”

Introducing cool and elegant styles, Jones and Emory are taking us on a creative journey. The Ready-to-Wear is perfectly styled with innovative combinations, such as the kilt-inspired pants with tailored jackets or the floor-length cape coat with a delicate shirt and fitted pants.

© Dior Men Pre-Fall 2023 – Look 8

Some references to the stars and solar system were also seen throughout the show – a clever analogy to the ‘Celestial’ theme of the collection, in which both the people of Ancient Egypt and Monsieur Dior, had interests in.

Hands down Dior, “Dior Tears” is one for the books.

Check out the full video of the show: here

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