Essential Winter Trends

Khamsa’s chic selections for wonderland in the wardrobe.

١. Metallic Marvels: “Silver Symphony”

٢. Red Stockings Extravaganza: “Cherry Bomb Carnival”

٣. Cherry on Top Accessories: “Crimson Finishing Touch”

٤. Dantel Lace Dreams: “Snowflake Serenade” (Lace skirts/under dresses)

٥. Warmly Extended | Lowkey Fur

Clip courtesy FRIENDS

٦. Leopard Print Passion: “Wild Winter Whimsy”

“Leopard print is back, but let’s be real, sipping tea in spots will forever be a Fran Fine exclusive.”

Source: Pinterest

٧. Ugg-tastic Winter: “Cozy Cloud Nine”

٨. Cowboy Boots Chronicles: “Rodeo Romance”

Source: Pinterest

٩. Headbands extravaganza: “Blair’s Band of Bliss”

Source: Pinterest

“For all the Blair Waldorf girls out there, rejoice in the happiness that comes with the perfect headband – because queens wear crowns!”

١٠. Ballerina Shoes Ballet: “Graceful Frost Waltz”

Source: Pinterest
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