The latest Timberland shoes are fitting tributes to the brand’s legacy

To celebrate 50 years of excellence, Timberland announced the release of its iconic 50th Anniversary collection. The entire collection is showcased in select locations in Dubai, inviting people to discover never-done-before colourways and become part of this extraordinary journey that captured the zeitgeist of street culture.

Source: Timberland

For five decades, the Original Timberland® Boot has been a beacon of design and innovation. To commemorate this extraordinary journey, the brand introduced the Timberland® 50th Edition Collection, extending a global invitation for enthusiasts to explore the Butter Pack, the Colour Pack, and accompanying apparel. Transforming the classic Premium 6-Inch Boot into an artistic medium for self-expression, the Colorblast collection introduces a vibrant array of colours, each exhibiting its distinctive character. The features that have made these boots iconic remain constant – premium Better Leather waterproof nubuck upper, preformed rubber outsole, and Primaloft insulation. But the celebration extends beyond boots, as the 50th Edition Collection also includes hoodies, beanies, and socks in matching colours, allowing individuals to express themselves from head to toe.

The brand has also chosen an innovative path to celebrate by collaborating with a diverse group of artists, designers, and creatives to reimagine the timeless 6-inch Premium Boot. Aptly named Future73, paying homage to the boot’s inception in 1973, this project has attracted a range of collaborators, including Samuel Ross from A-COLD-WALL, Christopher Raeburn, Humberto Leon, contemporary artist Nina Chanel Abney, Suzanne Oude Hengel, the founder of Knit in Motion, and actor-founder Edison Chen of CLOT. Each contributor has infused their unique perspective into the beloved footwear, with the latter two also creating a compelling collection of ready-to-wear. 

50th Edition Butters Collection

As Timberland’s renowned ‘Yellow Boot’ turns 50 in 2023, the celebration takes a creative turn with the legendary “Butters” special collection. Redesigned for this golden milestone, the collection features five iconic silhouettes, including the Butters 6-Inch Boot, Euro Hiker, 3-Eye Lug Boat Shoe, Super Boot, and 14-inch WP Boot. Each silhouette showcases rich, unbuckled leather, gold accents, a metallic 50th edition badge, and the trademark honey lug outsole. Step into history with the company’s tribute to 50 years of iconic outdoor style.

50th Edition Premium 6-Inch Boot Collection (Colour Blast)

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Timberland invites boot enthusiasts to embrace their unique style with a lively and diverse collection. The assortment, available in Orange, Dark Pink, Medium Green, Light Green, Red, Light Grey, and Bright Blue, allows each colour to tell its own story and convey a distinct attitude. Amidst this kaleidoscope of hues, the timeless features that have solidified the boot’s iconic status remain unwavering across the entire collection.

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