Karen Wazen

The ‘See Through My Eyes’ collection offers a bold and diverse range of eyewear

Karen Wazen Eyewear’s Season 10 is the latest collection from the brand. Titled ‘See Through My Eyes’, this new release boasts an array of bold and unique sunglasses. From unconventional styles to a rich palette of colours, Karen Wazen transforms the urban landscape into a dynamic canvas where every frame within this collection narrates a distinctive story, breathing life and colour into the streets.

Source: Karen Wazen

Season 10 boasts eleven cutting-edge designs in avant-garde colourways, tailored for bold and fashion-forward individuals who aim to make a striking statement with their eyewear. Every style reflects a harmonious fusion of style, substance, and individuality, encapsulating the spirit of the brand. Among the standout styles are ‘Rocky’, ‘Geo’, ‘Hazel’, ‘Nora’, ‘Luna’, and ‘Lily’.

The ‘Rocky’ style makes a bold statement with khaki, maroon, black, and tortoise colour options, boasting a striking, see-through frame. The ‘Geo’ style, available in silver, black, and toffee, features a thick rectangular wrap frame and mirrored lenses. ‘Hazel’ presents a mirrored rectangular frame in grass, burgundy, black, tortoise, and cream colours. The ‘Nora’ design, in olive, black, tortoise, and cream, showcases a rectangular, polarized silhouette with the brand’s logo engraved on both side frames. ‘Luna’ comes in electric blue, tortoise, black, and mirror pink, presenting a mirrored, rectangular style. ‘Lily’, available in black, tortoise, and cream, offers a stylish metal and acetate design with polarized lenses.

The collection further extends with ‘Ruby’, ‘Blaze’, ‘Ash’, ‘Mia’, and ‘Ava’. ‘Ruby’ offers groundbreaking design options in yellow, white on black, and coral, featuring a rectangular, polarized style with a distinct line running through the top of the frames. ‘Blaze’, available in tortoise, lime, black, and fuchsia, introduces a photochromatic cat-eye design, while ‘Ash’, with black, pink, smoky green, and orange hues, showcases a mask frame with colourful glass and blue light blocking lenses. ‘Mia’ presents square frames in black, cream, blue camo, and tortoise with blue light blocking lenses. Lastly, ‘Ava’, featuring colours like blue, pine, and yellow, showcases a groundbreaking design with a line running through the top of the frames. Each style within this range displays the iconic diamond-shaped Karen Wazen Eyewear logo etched onto the acetate arms of the glasses.

“See Through My Eyes is a tapestry of themes that explore self-expression, self-discovery, and the intricate dynamics of perception, set against the ever-evolving cityscape. It celebrates the city’s energy and the role we play in shaping its character. At its core, this campaign taps into the essence of identity, urging individuals to embrace their true selves and reveal their authentic colours.”

– Karen Wazen

‘See Through My Eyes’ is not just a collection; it’s an invitation to see the world differently, and to embrace the uniqueness that sets each individual apart. Karen Wazen Eyewear Season 10 is where style meets storytelling, and each frame becomes a portal to a world of self-expression.

The Karen Wazen collection is available here, and at stores like ABC Dbayeh, ABC Verdun, Westerly, Harvey Nichols, Farfetch, Browns, Shopbop, Revolve, Galeries Lafayette Doha, Bloomingdale’s, Koibird, Ounass, Level Shoes, Frankie Shop, and Baraka Group.

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